1934: Media And Political Ignorance and Propaganda On Display

Our bloggers here have pointed out that just because a gun looks like this:


That does NOT make it an assault weapon. This is the MOE™ A-TACS® M4 TYPE CARBINE offered by Bushmaster for the following “easy to obtain prices” – the 90826 A-TACS® – MSRP $1,391.48, the 90687 FLAT DARK EARTH – MSRP $1,368.16, the 90291 BLACK – MSRP $1,368.16 and the 90688 OD GREEN – MSRP $1,181.59

The rate of fire of this weapon is determined by how fast the marksman can pull the trigger. If you pull the trigger and hold it, it fires ONCE.

The cartoon below was drawn by Tom Toles for the Washington Post:


This is what the Democrats want you to think the Bushmaster is…but it isn’t.

This cartoon represents the common (and accurate) definition of an “assault weapon”, a fully automatic weapon that can empty a 30 round mag in around 2 seconds. This is the worst way to fire an automatic weapon for accuracy, that is the reason that the US issued M-4 and M-16’s have a selector switch that allows a single shot, a three shot burst and full auto. A three shot burst is the most effective in dealing with many targets in a short space of time.

I actually heard an idiot Democratic congresstwit ask today, “When are we going to ban these types of weapons?”

My answer was “1934”.

The National Firearms Act (“NFA”), 72nd Congress, Sess. 2, ch. 757, 48 Stat. 1236, enacted on June 26, 1934 banned the private ownership of automatic weapons and certain short barreled arms that were easily concealed.

8 thoughts on “1934: Media And Political Ignorance and Propaganda On Display

    • Only someone who has never fired a 9mm Glock could possibly think that anyone could grab one and immediately become Jason Bourne or James Bond. I would wager out of 15 rounds in a mag, that the average congressman or woman couldn’t place one lethal round in a target at 20 paces away. Hell, 2/3 of them couldn’t figure how to get the safety off in the first 5 minutes.

  1. Why am I subjected to South Park??!! I just had to watch an episode where Eric figures out that to be as stupid as NASCAR drivers, he can ingest Vagisil. It got me to thinking….is this the condiment of choice in D.C.?

  2. If these Idiots manage to pull off gun control who is going to do the confiscating? Are they going door to door? Will it bring on a Civil War? Or will the sheep follow the Judas Goat to slaughter?

  3. What Tom Toles suggests is impossible. It would require replacing the magazine more than 20 times in a minute, along with pulling the trigger 650 times in a minute. Keep up the good work, Washington Compost.

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