So, You Oppose the Idea of Arming Teachers, do You?

And yet, you trust that same teacher to take your child to the bathroom.  Uh-huh, I see your logic — NOT!

So a teacher with at least a four year college degree and — supposedly — among the best and brightest in society is NOT capable of being trusted to know whether or not they are compitent to carry a firearm around your child, yet you’ll allow that rent-a-cop to carry one around them at the football game.  So far, you’re batting 0 for 2.

Now, you trust that soldier with his weapon around your kids, do you?  You must: everyone looks to the police and military to run into the fray when the bad guys get lose.  So, when I wore a fancy piece of green material, I was trusted around your kids with my weapon and even full “battle-rattle.”  yet, by some stroke of magic, if I lose that multi-gree-colored piece of material we call a uniform and trade it for a teacher’s job, suddenly, by some stroke of magic that escapes my reasoning, I can no longer be trusted to carry a weapon around your precious little crumb cruncher.  And before you start parsing things out with my example here, as much as I admit the police, they are no different than the soldier.  In fact, in most cases, they are less well trained and less disciplined with their fire control than the average soldier, yet we just give them our trust.  Well, have you been watching the news lately.  We have more than our fair share of “bad apples” in that thin blue line.  So I’d say you just struck out.

The thing is, there are NO guarantees in life.  And just because someone is connected to the government, that doesn’t change this fact.  In all reality, you should trust anyone connected to the government LESS than you trust your neighbor next door — because your neighbor doesn’t control the monopoly on the use of force, but the government does.

But then again, with all the examples we have from around the world PROVING that we can be an armed and civil society, we should just disarm and trust Big Brother.  heck, we’re no longer moral enough of a society to be trusted to run our own affairs, so why should we have weapons, too?  (Ah say, Ah say, dat dare’s sacazm, son — sacazm, ya hear?)

Talk Amongst Yourselves:

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