Benghazi, Natural Law, Artificial Entities and Tyranny

If you are on the political Left, or among the many people who think Corporations represent an inherent ‘evil,’ then this post is written for you. Pay close attention and try to understand the principles involved here. It will be easier to do that if you do not focus on the specifics, so, just pretend that Bush has been President for the past 4 years and Rice is still the Secretary of State and Rumsfeld is Secretary of Defense. As you read this post, ask yourself how you would feel about this issue if they had been the ones behind Benghazi.  Maybe that way you will actually see the point this time: that there are underlying, foundational principles that govern society, and when we continuously break them, society starts to fall apart.

As for the rest of you, this is a “thinking piece,” so put on your thinking caps and come on.

OK, I have told my conservative friends that the Left has a point about corporations: they are a violation of natural law. Thus, they have been allowed to disrupt the natural order of society. HOWEVER, the Left does not understand why they are correct. The Left thinks corporations are bad because they concentrate wealth, but that is only a side effect of the real problem. Corporations are bad because they have become artificial people, and people considered ‘above’ the average person because they are bigger than the individual. This is putting the creation above the creator, and that is a violation of natural law. That means – eventually – any system built upon or around these artificial people will come crashing down around the heads of those foolish enough as to allow such a system to exist.

Now, here’s another part of this artificial person equation the Left misses – and it’s the most important part. The government is an artificial person that has been elevated to a position that is not only higher than the individual, but above all of society.

Now, allow me to draw your attention to these stories:

Benghazi review slams State Department on security

Review of Benghazi attack faults ‘grossly’ inadequate security, leadership failures

Review board raps State Department for poor security in Benghazi
Punishment unlikely for “systemic failures”

Did you see that last sub-title? “Punishment Unlikely for “Systemic Failures.” Why? Yes, yes: “it’s politics.” But even the most notorious despot instinctively knows he/she needs an ‘excuse’ for their actions, so how is it that our politicians think they can get away with not holding anyone accountable for what happened in Benghazi? The answer is simple: the “State Department” is to blame, but the “State Department” isn’t really a person. So, how does one punish an artificial entity? You can’t. This means nothing will happen: the easiest thing to do is to just shrug and say there’s nothing we can do but try to prevent it from happening again in the future.  Essentially, we are being told:

“Mistakes were made, but no body made them.  But don’t worry, nobody will make sure those same mistakes never happen again.”

Well, that sounds good, but if there are no individuals you can hold responsible for the failures of the State Department, then what individual(s) are going to make sure this doesn’t happen again. And there is the inherent lie: if they are going to argue that people can help make sure nothing like this happens again, then people can and should be held accountable!

This insulation of the individual, real person by the structure of the artificial person is nothing more than a shield. It was designed to be a shield against the consequences of the real person’s actions. In the case of a corporation, when people die in an off-shore drilling accident caused through willful negligence, no one is held accountable because “the company did it.” So one artificial person (the government) fines another (BP) and no justice is ever served. The victims even have to beg the artificial third party (the government) for their just compensation. The same applies here with the Benghazi murders. The real persons (Obama, Clinton and Panetta) allowed four Americans to die needlessly – most likely to cover up further illegal and immoral actions (gun running to Al Qaeda) – but we cannot blame them because it was the State Department’s fault. But worse than in the BP case, this involves nothing but government entities, so the victims can’t even beg the government for their just compensation for damages because the guilty party is responsible for deciding what justice is.

All of this is the result of Progressive distortions of the public’s understanding of how the world works. Natural law is real, and it cannot be ignored. Sooner or later, the natural laws that govern human society will re-assert themselves. In this case, we have forgotten the relationship between the individual citizen and government in a free and self-governing society. We have forgotten how the rule of law in a Constitutional Republic is supposed to function. We have accepted the imposition of artificial people, then we accepted the false claims that because those artificial people cannot be jailed, the only thing we can do when “they” break the law is fine them – often giving the money from that fine to the government. We even ignore the incentive this gives to the government to manipulate the law so as to extort ever increasing sums of money from the “private” artificial people (i.e. corporations) while exploiting the shield of “artificiality” provides to break the laws itself (i.e. as in Benghazi). In essence, the government is deciding if and when it will follow the law and if/when it will subject itself to punishment. By definition, that is tyranny, and it has all been allowed because we no longer understand natural law – especially as it relates to the proper roles of businesses and government within society.

Now, if we were still trying to function within the confines of natural law and the social contract, we would charge the people running these government functions and try them. There is already more than enough evidence to charge Obama, Clinton and Panetta with criminal negligence and, most likely, high treason. This is exactly what should happen and, rather than looking for someone to blame that we cannot charge and try (such as the local security forces), we should just start at the top and work our way down. Everyone who had knowledge of what was happening here should be tried – even if they were “ordered to do it.” One cannot claim innocence of a wrong simply because they were “ordered” to do it. They still did it of their own free will; therefore, they are equally as guilty. What’s more, unless and until we do exactly this – start impeaching and, if necessary, prosecuting everyone involved in this an any other government wrong doing – then our society will eventually be seized by a single dictator. The only thing that has saved us so far is the collectivist mentality of the American Leftist. We have been living in a soft tyranny for years. The moment one of these Leftists starts to think like an individual, that person is likely to slam the door on the cage the Progressives have built and, at that moment, even the most blinded will come to understand that our soft tyranny has just turned very, very hard.

8 thoughts on “Benghazi, Natural Law, Artificial Entities and Tyranny

  1. When I was driving home this afternoon, the Burnie Thompson show was on the radio. Kris Anne Hall was the guest host and she interviewed this fella named Juan Torres. (I think that was his name…) Anyway, he’s this Cuban fella who says he’ll move back if the U.S. doesn’t get it together. He says Americans don’t see what’s happening. Also, he was moaning about so much progressive propoganda on the Spanish networks. I know of Univision, but the others he spoke on were lost on me.

    Ironically, in the morning as I was driving (70 in a 35 zone…not my fault, the car’s) I was listening to Walter Williams. He is bemoaning the fact that nothing is getting done with regrards to the economy……just kickin the can down the road. But as he claims, and I agree; they want their jobs in 2014.

    We hire these folks, B. We made a difference in 2010. What the hello happened in 2012?

    I say, could you not broadcast on the RNL? That would be cool. Imagine, if you will ( plays Scooby Doo dream music….) You’re droning on and on when suddenly you’re interrupted by a silly songstress who brings on your guest, SBJ.

    • Kells,

      I have a friend who fled Castro’s Cuba at the age of 15, back when Castro was taking over. He is absolutely irate with Americans for allowing what he says is THE EXACT SAME THING WITHOUT THE GUNS! I have several Russian friends who immigrated after the Soviet Union broke up who have asked me how it is that the “land of the free” cannot see that they are giving in to the exact same tyranny they fled from in Russia?

      The answer is simple: ALL peoples who become as wealthy as we are start to use all that free time to “think.” And, inevitably, they “think” about how to “improve” the very society that made it possible for them to live without having to work 10 hours/day just to eat. In other words: success breeds self-induced insanity. There’s nothing wrong with us that STOPPING WELFARE wouldn’t cure. If all the idiots had to go back to work to live, then the self-appointed idiots wouldn’t have any followers to give them political power.

      As for broadcasting: NO! But I will soon start posting video clips to help explain the more difficult issues I like to tackle.

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