This Is Who And What The Left Is In Their Heart Of Hearts

I know that anyone who considers themselves to be on the Left of the American political spectrum will vehemently disagree with what I’m about to say. For that matter, many who consider themselves to be conservative might disagree with the tact I am about to use. The Left will tell me that not all on the Left think like the man we are about to focus on, and the right will tell me the Left is not going to listen to this sort of language. So, the right I say: “Too bad, the Left has to be forced to look their reflection in the morality mirror square in the eyes.” And to the Left I say: “Too bad, if this is who you are going to stand with, then this is who you are as well.”

Now, if you follow my blog posts, you no doubt know I have been trying to explain who Progressives are, what they believe and why. I have been trying to teach people how they speak, and to recognize their double meanings. I have also been trying to tell you that they are guilty of the things they accuse Conservatives/Republicans of being and doing. I even dubbed this the 180 degree rule. Finally — and to the point at hand — I have told you that, if you will just take them at their word and accept that they mean it, Progressives WILL tell you who they are at heart. Well, Piers Morgan has done just that:

Piers Morgan: ‘Of Course’ I’m ‘Gleeful Tragedy Happened’

This morning on Twitter, CNN’s Piers Morgan answered “of course I am, you moron” when asked if he was “gleeful that a tragedy happened to help you push your cause.”

There’s no doubt that the “tragedy” referenced is the horrific Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that occurred last Friday, and that the “cause” is gun control:


Now, before you on the Left try to tell me Morgan is “just one individual,” STOP!  First, I do not want to hear it from you because your “side” in this country NEVER grants this same courtesy to your opponents.  So, if you are going to apply that rule to others, then it applies to you: you share Morgan’s guilt.

Second, do not bother trying to tell me Morgan is not exposing the way Progressives think.  I have a memory:

And the media re-enforced the truth of this by jumping on this tragedy within 3-4 hours: exploiting the blood of innocent children to push the government master’s anti-gun agenda.  And even more vile is Obama, who is not only using it to attack individual liberty, but also for fund-raising.

So, NO!  Do not tell me this is not who and what Progressives are at heart.  I know better.  I have been watching and listening to them, and they are affirming everything I have been reading about and by them.  THIS IS THE HEART OF THE AMERICAN PROGRESSIVE!

5 thoughts on “This Is Who And What The Left Is In Their Heart Of Hearts

  1. This isn’t the first time that this moron, Piers Morgan, has found himself engaged in false journalism (he must have attended Whitworth).

    Here’s another from earlier today that I happened to have screen captured for your viewing pleasure …

    • Actually,
      I’m surprised they are finally admitting publicly what “we lovers of liberty” always understood to be true.

  2. I am sure you already know the AR-15 is not a fully automatic weapon the Military Model AR-16 is and not available to the public. If you want you can buy something that looks like the AR-15 in toy stores they shoot water. My point is we need to keep pointing out the absolute stupidity of the left. Soon more regular people will get it.

    • The increased business in ALL of the firearms retailers, exhibits that MANY Americans DISAGREE with the lamestream media, O, and the democrats.

      Last weekend, a local store offered discounts to schoolteachers and they sold handguns to 35 teachers in one morning.

      Reason & common sense is alive and well !

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