Yule shoot your eye out!

Lately, there have been some very fierce debates on the Second Amendment. In my own Clairol-filled mind, I find the answers to be very simple.

Like the boys, I lived in a time when guns were carried about freely. I lived in a time when the boys smoked outside of the school doors. I lived in a time when fattening foods were served in the school lunches and sodas were offered in the drink machine. I’ll stop. I’m beginning to feel old….

With an “anything goes” attitude with regards to morals from our government, I believe society has been stripped of its own morals. Quite simply put: The government has decided to become our mother. We all know very well that we inherently obey mother (unless we’re crazy Tea-Party rebels!)

What has slowly crept into our lives by climbing upon us like a careful and diligent rock climber in order that we learn “their” mother morals, we have in turn, fallen down a few rungs in our own freedoms. When conservatives argue that questioning the Second Amendment is a slippery slope, they’re not whistlin’ Dixie.

To illustrate my analogy, may I present one of my favourite shows? This is awfully funny, but I tell you, if you view Ralphie as a conservative, you will see what I am talking about. I hope….. B. never does, but that’s another Christmas story.


4 thoughts on “Yule shoot your eye out!

  1. The right to bear arms, like all our rights, comes from the “Laws of Nature and Nature’s God” (see the first sentence of the Declaration of Independence). That is, our right to bear arms is rooted in our human nature.

    Arguing for human rights based on studies is a signal that the person making that argument is merely an off-brand of Progressive (ie: Libertarian).

    So is failing to understand that it is Americans who have decided to make the government their mother, not the other way around.

    Americans have been choosing the Nanny State over the Founders’ America for over 100 years now. Only in the New Dark Age of Stupid is it necessary to explain the obvious to both the common man and the cognoscenti.

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