Gun Control and Free Condoms

We give our school children free condoms because “they’re gonna do it anyway;”

Condoms for free at 22 city schools
The district is installing dispensers over winter break at high schools with the highest rates of STDs.

Yet, the same chuckleheads who want us to buy that BS also tell us us we can stop someone from killing people by passing a law.

OK, I’ll bite. If we can stop crime by passing a law, then why can’t we stop VD by passing a law?  Seems to me we should just pass a law against teen-aged sexual relations and call the VD problem solved.  While we’re at it, let’s just make it illegal to be poor or get sick.  Hey, we’re on a role.  We just resolved hunger, poverty and VD with only three laws.  I bet if we attached them to the Obama golf and vacation awareness bill, he’d even sign it all into law.

This crap could only make sense in the mind of a person or persons in serious, honest-to-God need of psychiatric help.

2 thoughts on “Gun Control and Free Condoms

  1. Progressive logic:

    “We need to protect our children so eliminate our right to own guns.”
    “We need to protect our rights so murder babies before their born?”

    Is it just me or is this validation of Michael Savage… Liberalism is a MENTAL DISORDER!

  2. It’s ok to destroy human life if its a result of “FEELS GOOD.”

    The Marxists/Statists are soooooo messed up, I’d feel sorry for them if they weren’t so busy WAGING WAR UPON US.

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