Santa’s Favorite

I know it’s tough for the boys to have to be around the “teacher’s pet” 24/7, but I can’t help my oozy Christmas-filled sweetness! I thought it was high time that the other elves hop off their lazy shelves and introduce themselves.  Oh, almost forgot! I’m Cookie Superplum! (Not to rub it in boys, but I’ll be at the mall today for a photo-op…..kisses! 🙂 )

elf name

11 thoughts on “Santa’s Favorite

  1. I really didn’t want to rat you boys out, but I really think it’s important to know that while some of us have have been busting our elfin rears, others have been actin like those dang OWS elves! Naughty, naughty, naughty! Don’t hate the Superplum; embrace it!

    • Why did I not see that you and Bubbles were related? Puddin; I hope you won’t get mad, but I asked Santa to switch your cement-glue shift. We both thought you would be perfect in the Barney voice-activator line. Just remember the Second Amendment is a wee bit too much for 5-year-olds…. (I know how the Plum Pants’ can get outta line at times….)

    • That is why the Toe-Bells are special. I become my happiest after one of your “dirty” martinis. This is also why I married a Toe-Bells. (Shh…we can’t let others know that Superplum is mixed up with you silly Toe-Bells.)

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