Building A House Upon The Sand

Philo at The View From Alexandria writes a great tome that describes why, as I have noted in the past, that arguing with a liberal is like shoveling sand with a pitchfork.

That’s why most liberals can’t conduct political discussions at a very high level. They have no one to read who can give them an intellectual foundation for their political views. They therefore have no way to justify their claims that taxes on the wealthy are too low, or that health care, or contraceptives, or anything else ought to be provided as a matter of right, or that our current welfare system is too stingy, etc. Still less do they have any theoretical basis on which rest foreign policy decisions.

It is very, very good…and I think, quite accurate.

Even the title of “liberal” is antithetical.

I have always thought it more than a bit of a conundrum that they seek freedom through more restrictions on behavior, equality through unequal treatment (such as confiscation and redistribution of wealth), individual liberty through command and central control, democracy through rule by a sovereign (governance by “experts” through a massive and entrenched bureaucracy) and seek to eliminate discrimination by discriminating.

The logic behind contemporary liberalism is self-defeating. It is rule by a nanny who can’t (or won’t) say “no” the the loudest and worst behaved children. She only wants them to be quiet as she goes about knitting a sweater that nobody really wanted in the first place…but she knows how to answer the emotional appeals of the whining, aggrieved chattering classes – she will take some of your lollipops and grind them to dust and re-form them to give to the screaming children. Since she can’t take enough (if she takes too much of yours, you will start crying, too), she stretches the mix by adding a little salt. The result is a batch of lollies that is a little less sweet and not quite as good – but the wailing little children are placated with their new treats – at least until they realize that your lollipops are still sweeter than theirs and they start up again in a never ending cycle.

Via Instapundit.

6 thoughts on “Building A House Upon The Sand

  1. In short, liberalism is a lie. And the fact that liars control our government, our schools, our courts, our science, our press, our mass media doesn’t bode well for our civilization.

    I’ve already accepted that our civilization is gone and I’m doing everything I can to learn everything I can about our Western Heritage.

    That’s what the Christians did for a thousand years after the fall of Rome. The re-birth of civilization finally arrived.

    • Yes. It is everything and nothing at the same time. It is an abomination in total opposition to natural law. There is no cause an effect because if the effect is detrimental, instead of focusing on it to learn, the conversation about the failure just stops – because it is time to “move on”. History is meaningless when it contradicts the liberal narrative and must be revised or simply written out. Discrimination is good until you point out that it is discrimination, and then you are a racist. Oppose government expansion – hmmmm, racist, too.

      I believe my three requirements of liberalism – cognitive dissonance, confirmation bias and political and historical amnesia – are well confirmed by philo’s writing.

      I hope this isn’t our 476 BC, but I fear you may be right.

  2. Gents,

    There is a difference this time. If the Left is allowed to centralize the globe and then seize total power in this age of information and computers, man will never again be able to drag himself out of the darkness as our history will be inevitably lost.

    At that point, we’ll have only one hope. And, by some strange coinkydink, we celebrate the birth of that hope upon this every day 😉

  3. My wife and I came to this conclusion years ago: There are four types of people you cannot argue with, because no one in these groups have a grasp of reality or can understand logic: Drug addicts, alcoholics, 2 year olds, and liberals.

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