Time to Do what Good NCO’s Do

I have been reading over the comments from the past few days — from ALL sides. Since the boss (Utah) is the closest thing we have to an officer around here, I suppose that makes me the closest thing we have a an NCO. So, to do what ALL good NCO’s are supposed to do:


I call your attention to the boss’s standing general orders:

TRNL Comment Policy

Most notably, this part:

Examples of what I will strive to prevent:

Attacks on the person rather than the position
Posting spam or links to “junk” websites
Senseless or purposeless vulgarity

Everything else is fair game.

Over the past few days, some of us have been stepping over the liberal boundaries that the boss has laid out for the RNL, so, KNOCK IT OFF, CHUCKLEHEADS! That means ALL of you — on ALL sides of things (you guilty parties know who you are).

Got it?  OK, carry on.


(Sorry, couldn’t help it: I was in an R Lee Ermey sort of mood 🙂 )

11 thoughts on “Time to Do what Good NCO’s Do

    • Kells,
      In response to a “new” commenter’s call for gun control, I posted a quote from General & President Washington. “new commenter” replied with gratuitous and uncalled for vulgarity.

      Indoctrination can make one “crazy”….

      Especially when you realize everything you thought you knew, is in fact, NOT SO.

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