So You Think The U.S. Doesn’t Have Nobility, Do You?

Then please explain how/why the self-appointed ruling class is NEVER held to account for their actions:

Benghazi penalties are bogus

The four officials supposedly out of jobs because of their blunders in the run-up to the deadly Benghazi terror attack remain on the State Department payroll — and will all be back to work soon, The Post has learned.

And where is the “free press” that is supposed to shout from the mountain tops when things like this happen so that justice ifs forced on our ruling elite.

No, make no mistake about it: this nation is now led by a ruling elite who control every aspect of their positions of power — including their own elections. There is little real freedom left in this nation — otherwise, these people wouldn’t have resigned, they would have been charged and tried. That included Obama, who is guilty of high treason. But the thing that bothers me most is this:

Stories such as this PROVE that Americans are no longer a majority good people. If we were, then these stories would be about govt. officials being fired and/or going to jail.

48 thoughts on “So You Think The U.S. Doesn’t Have Nobility, Do You?

  1. In Plato’s, Republic, the character Thrasymachus stated that justice was the interest of the stronger (those in power).

    What you are complaining about is justice as it is carry out in a tyranny.

    • Charlie,

      Plato was WRONG! And what I am complaining about is a travesty of justice.

      Plato’s notion of justice was nothing more than an operational definition of tyranny. As brilliant as the Greek philosophers may have been in some areas, their theology crippled them in others. The notion of rights and justice are two of those areas where they suffered most — and why our founders intentionally rejected their ideas on both.

      • Plato has it right on the nose. What you are complaining about is justice as it is carried out in a tyranny.

        The justice you think you are talking about (Judeo-Christian justice) is long gone from the American Republic.

        Wake up and smell the coffee.

        • Charlie,

          I will never accept your redefinition of words. That is one of the cancers that lie at the root of the rot we call Progressivism (note: NOT calling you progressive).

          It is not justice. It may be justice as Plato defined it, but that still does not make it justice. A thing is defined by its form and/or function: not by what we wish it to be, but what it actually is. And, in this case, it is what you and I both call it: TYRANNY!

          One does not get to change it into something “nice” by simply calling it by a different name.

          And Plato is still wrong 🙂

      • Thrasymachus was a sophist. And Plato opposed the sophists. So Plato opposed the idea that justice is in the interest of the stronger.

        The character THRASYMACHUS is the one who stated that justice is in the interest of the stronger.
        Plato’s character, Socrates, then went on to show that Thrasymachus was wrong.

        Nevertheless, Thrasymachus embodied the thinking of someone who believes in tyranny. And because tyranny has a form (to Plato’s way of thinking) or a specific nature (to Aristotle’s way of thinking) it works the same way in all times and places.

        Progressivism is classic, textbook sophistry. Therefore the manner in which tyranny manifests itself under Progressive government is well known and well studied.

        Again I say that what you are complaining about is justice as it is carried out in a tyranny.

        We live in a tryanny my good man. That means that justice works to the advantage of the Ruling Class and those who can pay for it.

        • Yes, but Plato was among those who thought society best served by a ruling class of “philosopher kings.” This would make him a “progressive” in his time, would it not? Which would mean he is still wrong.

          Now, if you would kindly do me a small favor and read some of my older posts. Should you do so, you will find I have stated that we live in a Fascist tyranny, and we have for some time. I’ve taken a great deal of heat for saying so, but I defended it — and still do. So you are NOT telling me something I do not already know and agree with. What you are doing is telling me that justice has different forms. It does not. It is either justice or it is injustice: not “justice under tyranny.”

          I would note we are also dealing with Hobbes vs Locke here, not just Plato and the sophists.

  2. Um, ring-a-ding-ding! I’ve been saying for quite some time now that everything will be ignored as our officials, er, employees, I mean, elected usurpers no longer ahdere to the constitution, But don’t listen to me! I’m just a girl who’s not firing on all 12 thingys (or whatever the hello your saying was.)

    • Our representatives are not usurpers. Almost all of them have been duly voted into office by the People – repeatedly. That means over and over and over again.

      The American people have been consciously choosing tyranny now for almost a century.

      Bleating about the a form of government (the Founders’ America) that is long gone won’t do any good.

      • Charlie,

        If a pure democracy, you would be correct. But this WAS a Constitutional Republic, which means that — at one point — the right of the people had to have been usurped.

        HOWEVER, that said, if you think the people’s votes are actually being counted as cast… Well, let’s talk about that ocean front property I have in Arizona 😉

        Oh, and I disagree about your assertion that “bleating” about liberty won’t do any good. In fact, that comment leads me to wonder whether you really are a progressive who is now trying to hold on to your gains, or a defeatist? You see, we can affect changes, just like the Progressives did. But that means we have to know where we are going first, and that is what I am trying to do: help redefine individual rights and liberty so that we can reset our national compass to head BACK in that direction.

        • I am correct PERIOD, regardless of the form of government. The people continually choose to give up their sovereignty. They continually and freely choose to outsource it to corrupt politicians.

          How is that being usurped?

          • Tell me, Charlie,

            If you are “correct period,” and the people are giving up their power, then how can they also be living under a tyranny? Do you not understand that you just described a contradiction? It cannot be either/or as you are suggesting, but it can be both — as I have been arguing for some time.

            You see, the America you think is dead and gone is NOT dead and gone — BECAUSE I STILL EXIST! As do Utah, Texas, Augger, Don, Kells, and many, many more here on the RNL. What’s more, the system by which we can STILL affect elections still exists (per your own admission). Therefore, you are WRONG! Period! That old America still breaths, though she is on her knees. 😉

        • Many pirate ships were run by a captain who was voted in; if he failed to provide the crew with enough booty, he was voted out, and a new man voted in. That was democracy in action, but without any moral governance. Personally, I doubt that man has evolved to the point that a pure democracy would work.
          Still, it all boils down to who has the biggest sacknof goodies, doesn’t it?

              • Big party planned, but not looking forward to it this day.

                Sinus infection.

                I hope it resolves as I have invest a small fortune in this party.

                • Maybe my mind is just twisted since I am febrile this afternoon (maybe I should just go back to bed), but Joe, are you asking me to to sniff tear gas?

                  • LOL, Augger, if you’ve never had a whiff of CS, then yes, I’m telling you it WILL cure you. If you HAVE “sniffed” it (and I suspect you have), then you know I am telling you the truth. Either way, it’s the cure for what ails you 😉

                • Well Kells, not to show you (or Joe) the door on this one, but inhaling chlorobenzylidene malononitrile (yes, I’ve had to do it) is something I would rather not do again in this lifetime, and if you offered a homeopathic remedy with a proven efficacy, I might at this point consider it.

                  At the moment, smoking a peace pipe (or a bowl) with Greg is sounding like a pretty damn good idea. 🙂

                  However, I am pretty certain we will have to wait for Greg’s retirement for that.

                  • So you reject the only guaranteed cure for all things sinus and nasal known to mankind, yet you STILL have the nerve to complain — even to suggest toking up with a lib?

                    See, I KNEW Augger was just looking for an excuse to indulge his inner hippie 😉

                    Seriously, I hope you feel better soon.

      • Not usurpers? Robbing from Peter to pay Paul doesn’t qualify? Charlie, I reckon the American people have been duped for almost a century. Don’t knock the bleaters. The “squeaky wheel” of the Tea Party got greased in 2010 (much to the dismay of the Democratic party.)

        • The American People have not been duped. They continually, with full knowledge, choose Progressivism and political corruption over honest, principled governance.

          Barack Obama is no mystery. Neither was Bill Clinton, Lyndon Johnson, JFK, FDR or Woodrow Wilson.

          In my state, for example, the voters resoundingly chose Claire McCaskell to be their Senator even though she is as corrupt as the day is long. Her opponent, Todd Akin is as honest as the day is long, but he’s as dumb as a door nail.

          The people of Missouri like most Americans, desire smart and corrupt over dumb and honest.

          • Charlie,

            Here is where we disagree — sharply. Progressives routinely use double-speak, and, unless the people are informed that what these progressives are saying does NOT mean what they think it means, then they are likely to get a decidedly wrong impression. This is — by definition — deception, and it has worked because, on the whole, Americans used to be a very trusting people (to a fault, one might say).

            Furthermore, the American people have always trusted the media to keep them informed. But here again, the American people are routinely duped by the progressive media.

            What I say is true and evidence of this is found all the time in polling data where, when clearly and properly explained, even Democrat voters chose to side with what are considered “conservative” values. And there is the rub: they believe they ARE supporting things that their lying leadership is not.

            The same applies to the Right (probably even more so as the right tends to be slightly more informed about such matters, thus requiring a higher level of deception by progressives in the Republican Party).

            • You have expressed the position of an elitist who thinks everyone but you is stupid. That makes you no better than the Progressives you are criticizing.

              People want Big Government. People want to punish “The Rich.” People don’t care if that involves corruption and immorality.

              America is the way it is today because people have chosen it to be that way for the last 100 years.

              • Charlie,

                I am far from an elitist. All I have been trying to do is follow your reasoning. At first, I thought we held common ground, that there was just a difference of definitions involved. However, now I’m not sure. Now I think you and I do disagree on quite a bit.

                Take the way you paint people with such a broad brush. Charlie, people does NOT mean ALL people. So you are accusing many Americans of something they have been fighting against. I am actually trying to defend those who are resisting, whereas you are insisting they be stuffed in a one-size-fits-all box. By your terms, doesn’t this make YOU the “elitist?”

                Even then, not everyone who voted for Obama did so to “get stuff,” or “get the rich.” Some do so out of habit: they have ALWAYS voted Democrat. Others did it because he is black(note: this applies to whites, too). Others voted for him out of fear, and still others because they have been lied to and deceived.

                You do people a disservice by painting them with the OWS/Free sh*t brush. Just as you do those fighting this trend a dishonor by dismissing their efforts and even their very existence.

                • Look at the way America is today. And then realize that people made it that way. They chose it to be that way. It is not necessary for ALL people to want that. You are simply introducing a red herring because you can’t argue the point at hand.

                  You can play all the word games you want (because that’s what the intellectually vacuous do) but people in the know look at the way the world really is.

                  And the way America is today is the result of continuous, consistent choice by the majority of American society over a long period of time.

                  • === It is not necessary for ALL people to want that. You are simply introducing a red herring because you can’t argue the point at hand.===

                    Actually, NO. I stated the truth where YOU are the one who has made a fallacious argument. It’s known as an “either-or” fallacy.

                    Also, I am not playing “word games,” I am defending the language. You’re the one who has been equivocating and arguing slippery slope.

                    The whole of this nation would be so much better served were it to study simple logic. 😦

            • There is a lot of truth in your words. In school, I had no television, and only my teachers. I felt a niggling deep down to go against the grain, but didn’t pursue it. That niggling was the truth. Holy, Moly! I actually agree with B. Well, slap my ass and call me Sally!

              I say, have you ever watched these zombie shows with this Mila Yuvanovich (sp?) Mr. Kells is having me watch this latest installment of this Resident Evil series as he is very fond of her, but scary movies really scare me! This series is of a govt. experiment gone awry. It’s very good because this Mila (whatever her last name is) is very hawt. Also, if you view the storyline as I do, you see it in a more profound and political way. I can expand upon my thinking if I am not clear.

              • When I have reduced the opposing side to mindless babble and drooling, I feel so incredibly sorry.

                If you only had a brain you could learn something from our discussion and then join us warriors in the fight to defeat the forces of evil.

                I am so disappointed with this blog site. You all are the sound of one hand clapping.

                Goodbye. Fairwell.

                • “The American People have not been duped. They continually, with full knowledge, choose Progressivism and political corruption over honest, principled governance.”

                  Charlie, since you decided to be flippant, I shall join in the fray.

                  You are an ignorant babbling, dolt. Of course the American People have been duped. They have duped for about the past 85 years by the false promises of both parties, but since you may not have the mental capacity to look past this President, I shall give you the one exactly shining, crown achievement of the very dupisim you so deny happened … and it will only take one word — something even your pea-picking-brain should be able to wrap that one cell you and your family share around.


                  Sadly, you are so enamored with the sound of your own hyperventilation that reason and facts no longer matter to you. Enjoy yourself on your travels.

                • Define Clearly…perhaps even in bullet points….”The Forces of Evil”.

                  Then what you think would be possible solution sets…….What I’ve heard U say here is how dismal and disappointing the American populace is for their supporting this slide into Tyranny……Most here agree…But at least half of the voting public DOESN’T agrre with the Direction of the Country….that also is true.

                  How do we change this… do we affect a change of direction….or where and to whom do we direct the Message…..and what messages are most cogent and leave out the Fluff…?

  3. After re-reading this, I got to thinking…. are we duped or dumb? Have you ever seen those shows where they interview folks and ask them simple questions, and the people give them the deer in the headlight look?

        • CS “gas”, 2-chlorobenzalmalononitrile, is a chemical agent in aerosol form used for riot control. It is a component of tear gas. It will clear your sinuses, your nose will run snot from both barrels, you will think you can’t breath, and it will burn your eyes terribly. I get to use semi-regularly on disruptive inmates. It works.

          • FC,

            LOL, oh, BOY! Does it work. It takes VERY disciplined troops to operate in a CS environment without gas masks — VERY disciplined (but such people do exist).

            The rest? Well, they just turn into a bunch of snot-nosed wild men who can’t think of anything but getting away from the stuff. It is THAT nasty.

            note: it is NOT the “tear gas” you typically see on TV during riot scenes. That stuff is a joke compared to CS.

            • Yep, we use typically use OC (a souped-up pepper spray) first, and if the inmate continues his disruptive behavior or self-harm, we turn to the CS. Some inmates can tolerate the OC fairly well but CS changes their attitudes quickly. We always seem to get some blow-back or residue on us during the process. It’s no fun.

              • FC,

                CS will definitely “break up the game.” And it IS a cure for the common cold — I guarantee it!

                Now, if you want something even meaner than CS, try CN. That stuff will have stuff coming out of your mouth that will make you wonder whether the family jewels are still in place. In fact, they actually used to use it to “cure” people of their smoking habit in the 70’s. You would check in to “rehab” resorts where they told you that you could smoke ALL you wanted. They even left cigarettes laying around all over the place. It’s just that some of them were laced with CN so, when you got hold of one of those laced cigarettes, you were INSTANTLY cured: the psychological connection between the experience and the cigarette was THAT strong because CN is THAT bad.

                Got to love them chemical weapons. 😉

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