This Administration Has-No-Clothes!

I am simply sick and tired of the liars in our government and the dolts who broadcast their lies without comment or rebuttal — or worse, approvingly. Here is just another in a long and growing list of government officials lying to the American people:

Secretary of Education: Without ‘Access to Guns,’ Sandy Hook Shooter Would Have Been ‘Punching His Pillow’

This man knows better than to say something this patently stupid, and I say “stupid” because any one of us can prove his words are false with a simple internet search:

Bath School disaster — bombing!

Oklahoma City bombing — bombing!

Columbine High School massacre — failed bombing!

[Go ahead, look: you’ll find more. I just chose the three easiest and most famous.]

And there you go: we just proved that the Secretary of Education is a liar. Did the victims in these attacks die from people punching their pillows?  No, they died because evil people sought to do harm to other innocent people and, where there is a will, there will ALWAYS be a way.  And has our “news media” bothered to explain any of this to America?  No, it has been tripping over itself to say “Yeah, he’s right: ban the guns, it’s the only way.”  Well, that A — makes them a bunch of liars, too and B — means they are no longer “news media” (will somebody please take their credentials and public broadcasting licenses away?)

So, what could possibly be his motivation for telling such lies? Well, maybe he would like to disarm the people so as to make it less necessary to lie and easier to just do whatever the hell he and the rest of the self-appointed ruling elite in this nation feel like doing.


Are you ready to talk about secession yet?

3 thoughts on “This Administration Has-No-Clothes!

  1. Down from their various colleges and visiting each other, one of my kids friends admitted he voted for Obama because he (the O’Fraudster in the WH ) was “cool” and because he (the College Kid) ” just liked free stuff….just like he liked it when things were on sale”.

    This Kid is one of the Products of the Secretary of Education………The NEA and Sect’y of Edjumacation know exactly what they are doing….opperating as one of the Political arms of the Democrat/Progressive party…..and pushing the Progressive agenda of dumbed-down Conformity. My own kids say they get NOTHING but lip service paid to critical thinking….and they are BOTH in Ivy league schools and in the Sciences….where everything seems to be about consensus.

    It’s actually frightening to hear about upper level Engineering and Chemistry Classes being taught with political biases as a basis for good science. I don’t think the average American has any idea what’s going to hit us in 5-10 years…..functional scientific illiterates coming from our schools….eventually America will loose it’s competitive edge in Enginneering and Science.

  2. -Kells….I had heard of Thiel’s idea when he first came out with it. It has some merit, but is overly simplistic. It also has this disturbing element…..”to pay students with promising ideas to drop out of college and develop those concepts for the good of all is attracting students …”…………….DEVELOP THOSE CONCEPTS FOR THE GOOD OF ALL

    It seems he is acting like an extension of the Progressivist propaganda machine that our entire Education “machine” has become.

    Good ideas….well executed……end up benefitting MANY ( not necessarily ALL) because they are wanted and/or improve upon what people were doing heretofore. BUT….the impetus has for the most part been Personal or Company enhancement as a motivator…..and because the “inventor”/ entrprenuer is a person like the rest of us…..the product or service enhancement benefits many when economies of scale are applied.

    Developing Concepts for the Good of all….is doomed from the start because at each step of the way it can be determined to in fact NOT benefit all… back to the drawing board…..not to mention, WHAT defines Benefit for all and WHO defines it. The whole concept of…”for the Benefit of All…”…as a motivator is yet another tool of Social Engineering and thus Social Control.

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