More Evidence of Tyranny in the White House

Have you seen this?

Obama Orders Pay Raise for Biden, Members of Congress, Federal Workers

Now, if the man has not decided he is entitled to just rule by decree, then how does he square this against the Constitution — which clearly states ALL spending must originate in the House and be passed by Congress BEFORE ANY money can be spent from the public coffers?  There’s no authority for this in the Constitution.  This is an usurpation of powers: otherwise known as a coupe — at least, it is when it happens anywhere but here.  When our leaders do this here, we just shrug and call it ‘politics.’

Face it: the Constitution has been dead for some time. We are being ruled by dictators who simply practice a soft tyranny.

Are you ready to discuss secession yet?

7 thoughts on “More Evidence of Tyranny in the White House

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    • Yes, Texas, but this wasn’t a law, so the Constitution doesn’t apply. See how easy it is if you just “administrate” by decree? 🙂

      Remind you of anything, like, oh, IDK, WOODROW WILSON, maybe? 😀

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