The Liberal Delusion

Michael Medved has a very good column up at the Daily Beast:

The problem isn’t religious conservatives and their abiding faith in God; it’s mainstream liberals and their blind confidence in government.

Consider the current dispute over the right response to gun violence. At its core, this argument comes down to a visceral disagreement between relying on self-defense or on government protection. Gun-rights enthusiasts insist that the best security for law-abiding citizens comes from placing formidable firearms into their hands; gun-control advocates believe we can protect the public far more effectively by taking guns away from as many Americans as possible. In other words, conservatives want to address the threat of gun violence by giving individuals more power while liberals seek to improve the situation by concentrating more power in the hands of the government. The right preaches self-reliance while the left places its trust in the higher power of government.

Read it all here.

5 thoughts on “The Liberal Delusion

  1. What I can’t figure out is how all those hippies protesting and rolling in the mud at woodstock…how did they come to be the ones advocating more government? Cognitive dissonance much, people?

  2. If the hippies had just stayed mellow & pot medicated, rolling in the mud, i might still be a Democrat. Unfortunately, some of them took their college romance wih socialism to the White House

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