To Those Who do not Think the Events of Today were Planned Yesterday: WATCH THIS!


I keep telling people that nothing happens in our politics today that was not planned in some way. If you are among those who still doubt me, watch this — and remember this was filmed BEFORE these events actually started to happen:

These things were planned, you just have to know how to listen — and what to listen for.  Did you watch to the end?  Did you see the crowd’s reaction to Obama’s heckler?  Do you still wonder why I draw the comparisons between the way people react to Obama and the way they reacted to men such as Mussolini and Hitler?  You shouldn’t: the motivation is exactly the same.  This is a cult of personality, and that seldom ends well.

What this is all about is really very simple to understand: it is about the self-appointed elite controlling EVERYTHING the rest of us do over the course of our entire lives — right down to who gets to live and who dies:

This is the same Bill Ayres who helped launch Obama’s political career.  The Weather Underground was made up of members who are now either in the White House or connected to this Administration through organizations such as The Tides Foundation and Apollo Alliance.  And they are ALL connected to SDS.  If you have not already done so, you need to spend some time on this site:

Welcome to Discover the Networks

Spend a couple hours reading that page — really reading it — then come back and tell us whether you’re ready to discuss secession yet.

5 thoughts on “To Those Who do not Think the Events of Today were Planned Yesterday: WATCH THIS!

  1. Well Joe… you know my opinion on this HC law subject. Roberts handed us exactly what we voted for. Don’t like it, change the law, period. As Conservatives we can’t ask for limited judicial powers then ask for those exalted powers ‘on demand’ to strike down stuff we don’t like. This Constitutional argument died with the personal income tax so water under the bridge now.

    I honestly think that Roberts did his job and did it profoundly by handing us the Second American Revolution. Much needed and FAR overdue. Hence the reason for my graphical illustration on my Blog. Congress had the power to do this long ago, Hillary Care could have passed with the right setting, even the version out of the Heritage Foundation could have passed with a Super Majority of Republican Moderates. We just finally got a person (Obama) and his radical Congress to ignore the will of the people and do it – that’s all.

    But out of this (hopefully in our lifetime) I predict will come the abolishment of the tax code as we know it, part of that being the END of the direct tax or personal income tax. The end of corporate taxes AKA double tax of the employees and the end of Nationalism to a return to Federalism.

    Have faith my friend. You are doing God’s work here informing the people. I am telling EVERYONE I know about this site and you in particular. While we may interpret current events differently I know that when the shit hits the fan you and I will find ourselves on the same team 🙂

  2. Generally, I would agree with Poli Tecs–if the majority votes for it u have to grin and bear it. However, I have come to the sad realization that our elections are so full of fraud that they are basically useless at this point.

    Living in SF Bay Area I have been exposed to this stupid one world order idea longer than most Americans & feel I can make an informed decision that it’s definitely not for me. So, bring on the Secession movement, I’m ready! I suggest we split US into two states, the free state and the nanny state. In the nanny state they can ban all guns, in the free state I hope we ban all Gimme-Gimme people and all GWP’s. If not, I think we should have mandatory civics ad history classes.

    • Trapp,

      If the majority votes to allow rape and slavery, do you “grin and bare it?”

      I disagree with PoliTec in this regard: it is not asking special favor from the Court to do the job the Court was actually charged with doing. That would be striking down clearly unconstitutional laws rather than spinning ways to read allowances into the Constitution where none exist.

      But still, I’ve been telling people the Constitution died long ago for quite some time. There’s nothing new in that to me 🙂

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