Compressing A Great Spring


I grew up in what many would call a “poor” household. My mom and dad made sure that I never wanted for anything but there were things that we just didn’t have that others did have. I can remember getting five pairs of jeans and a set of nice clothes at the beginning of the school year and that was my wardrobe for the entire year. I so wanted Levis but my mom always bought wither Tuf-Nut or Sears Rawhide jeans because they had the reinforced knees that could stand up to the rigors of elementary school recess without ripping the first day.

I always wanted the Tuf-Nut jeans because they came with a pocket knife.


I can remember the first television that we had – it was a General Electric 19 inch black and white set from the 1965 Sears catalog. Even though we could get four channels – only three had reliable reception – WREG (CBS out of Memphis), WTVA (NBC out of Tupelo) and WMC (NBC out of Memphis). If we turned the antenna a bit when the weather was clear, we could get fuzzy reception of WHBQ, the ABC affiliate in Memphis.

The day my dad raised the antenna and those magical pictures appeared I thought it was quite possible that I had died and gone to heaven.

The second major event that I remember vividly was the day that our set of World Book encyclopedias came. That would have been in the spring of 1968. I was amazed by the knowledge and facts contained in those books. As you can imagine, with three channels of TV, two of which were the same except for the local news, there wasn’t a great variety of programming – and this is going to sound really nerdy – but I read that set of encyclopedias from Volume 1 (the “A”) all the way to Volume 20 (WXY and Z – not a lot going on at the end of the alphabet).

Beginning at the age of eight, my world was expanding rapidly. For a kid who was growing up on a farm with his nearest playmate about a mile away, those winter nights when it was dark by 6 pm were times to see beyond my chores and schoolwork. I consumed every bit of knowledge that I could. At the end of my third grade year in 1969, we all took writing, reading and reading comprehension tests – my parents were amazed that I was writing and reading at the 12th grade level.

But I still didn’t know I was “poor”. I was happy. I had a window to the world in the wonderful invention of TV and a store of worldly knowledge at my fingertips in that set of World Book Encyclopedias.

However, as I began to socialize into the middle school years, I became aware that there were things that my friends had that I did not. They did things that I had not done. Their moms dropped them off at school; I rode a bus for an hour to get there. They played sports after school, I had chores to do. In my immaturity, I became envious. I began to resent my upbringing as undeserving of me. I can remember the first moment that I felt “poor”.

The fact of the matter was that I placed that label on myself because I was measuring my worth by superficial means…by things and situations. In my early teen years, I became resentful of my parents and my upbringing. Why couldn’t they do more, why didn’t we have more, didn’t they understand that we were poor? Why would they do this to me?

I made the mistake of venting this childish resentment and anger in the presence of my grandfather late one afternoon as I was helping him work on his tractor.

That was one of the first turning points in my life.

He quickly pointed out that I had never had a moment of hunger; I had never lacked warm clothes. I had never lacked for care when I was sick. He pointed out that my dad was building a business, that took a lot of time and everything he was doing was for me. He pointed out that my mom had quit her job on the upholstery line at a local furniture factory to take care of me and to make a nice home for me. He pointed out that my parents needed my help and that was why they depended on me to work after school to help the family.

He also pointed out that I had never felt unloved – that I had a strong family around me that focused on my progression so that I had the chance to do better than they did.

He told me that I because of them, I had the power to change my situation. He told me that instead of being envious, I should replace that envy with aspiration, that I should not resent my short family history, I should build upon what I was given and be thankful for it.

And that is exactly what I did. It was a hard lesson to learn at fourteen but the realization that came at that moment set in motion a series of events that I can now trace all the way back to that day. It would have been easy for my grandfather to ignore my resentment as a function of immaturity. It probably would have been far simpler for him to ignore it and hope that I grew out of it but in reflection, I think he knew that I was at a tipping point and I would either go through years of feeling sorry for myself or I would grow up and realize that I was free to change.

It strikes me that societies evolve with striking similarities to human life cycles. As the demographics and the cultures mature and fade, they are replaced by others at different stages of development and maturity. I would propose that we are currently the victims of a case of arrested development that started in the 60’s.  Society has lived a carefree childhood where everything was free, every desire was catered to, there were no consequences and we got to eat ice cream for dinner.

My grandparents raised a family during the Great Depression, they knew what deprivation was. The Great Depression sobered the carefree and careless generation of the “Roaring Twenties”. This was a generation much like the Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y who had never really known deprivation and hunger – but unlike today, they experienced the harshness and cruelty as a result of the end of those heady days. Since the Clinton era, our political class and a willing electorate has elected “liberal” Democrats and “compassionate conservatives” who were nothing more than “progressives”, just holdovers from the days of Teddy Roosevelt’s Progressive (or Bull Moose) Party.

The primary purpose of these “progressives” was to give everybody what they wanted and keep adding to the credit card balance to be paid at some undetermined future date. A key feature of this masquerade party is delaying the pain and in doing so creating a false reality that the party is perpetual.

The only difference between the Great Depression and today is the charade that the Federal Reserve, the Treasury and the elite political class is executing. It’s a Ponzi scheme, the mother of all multi-level marketing enterprises. It only works as long as the music keeps playing but once a single entity stands up and proves that we have been playing with worthless Monopoly money all along, the music will stop. That is why any dissent is met with such vitriol today – the powers that be know that this house of cards will tumble with the slightest puff of wind. I fear that the more that our elitist rulers continue to put this crisis off, the more the pressure builds – it is as if they continue to compress a great spring.

To quote Reynolds’s Law – if something cannot go on forever, it won’t.

One thing that you must remember is that today, hard cash is a rarity. I have maybe $100 in my wallet and all the rest of my liquid assets are held in electronic form. All of my liquidity could be withheld from me very easily. This stands to make another banking crisis far more severe and far reaching than the bank failures in the late 1920’s.

My grandfather was the catalyst for me, I am left to wonder who or what will be the catalyst for America. I’m not hopeful that the spring can be released in a controlled manner. Will there be a crisis of unimaginable proportions exceeding the Great Depression? Will there be a truly great leader rise from the ashes of such a conflagration?

25 thoughts on “Compressing A Great Spring

  1. Utah, I am frightful that we have already reached a point of no return with the socialists here. The spring will have to sprong (i.e., just circle our wagons and let the socialists have their way). Finally, they will have ownership of the economy, and when that proverbial spring sprongs in to their faces … we will just do as we always have done … invoke our morals and work ethics, and rebuild our stolen resources.

    They will once, and for all own their history then, and I my friend, will see you on the other side. 🙂

    • We still have the capacity to fight along States Rights and State Soveriegnity lines. “Letting the Socialists have their way” leads to multi-generational Horror without any means or opportunity to re-build resources. So Circleing the wagons has to be done concomittantly and in conjunction with some form of Nullification and States Rights.

      Along with this we can still teach the very young about the Constitution and Bill of Rights….perhaps in summer camps organized through church Groups and the like…..they will balance the lost generations created by the reliance on the School systems to provide morality and civil guidence. WE must be that Moral and Civil guidence now.

      In the words of W Churchill…..we must Never give up.

    • Augs: I’ve been insulated from it from being out of the country for a couple of years but I see real fear in the eyes of people that I talk to about where the country is going. It’s not the irrational fear of a redneck revolution, it is the sad fear of something lost. Most people my age and older understand what we are losing and are scared, not for themselves but for their children. Many of my friends from high school have grandchildren and are truly, truly worried about the future…and they are buying guns and ammo.

      These aren’t the survivalist types, they are regular folks, many are small business owners who have been beaten down by this economy and are witnessing things being done for local ne’er do wells and chronic welfare cases and seeing nothing but more taxes on them and their businesses.

      I see a level of racial resentment here that I haven’t witnessed since the 60’s but the strange thing is that it isn’t coming from the whites, it is coming from the blacks in this community. There is a degree of racism that is being executed by the black community that you have to wonder if it is being fueled by the leftists in places like MSNBC from the black broadcasters and the idiotic white liberals. This whole Hollywood fascination with things like Django Unchained is really stoking the fires as well. There is a level of arrogance in the younger black community that has successful blacks in my little town scared.

      My black friends tell me that young blacks here see a level of entitlement, the flames of which are being fanned by having a “black” man in the White House, a black AG who has shown racial preferences and don’t think that is going unnoticed – there seems to be an expectation that black on white violence is somehow defensible now because the blacks in the South have been “oppressed”. There really is a sense of it being “our time to get stuff” now that supposedly blacks are in charge in Washington. There are things that are expected to be given in this second term and I have to tell you that Obama’s divisive rhetoric has started something that will only take a spark to ignite. Some friends in law-enforcement admitted to me in private that they are more inclined to let things slide now for fear of being called racists.

      There are people here that 2 years ago I would have called bleeding heart liberals who have recently learned to shoot and bought guns. I would never have believed it if I had not seen it for myself but there is a really nasty, explosive undercurrent flowing in this country today and there are older blacks and whites here who are truly fearful.

      • By “here”, I am assuming you are not talking about Scotland, and to further your point, I get the same feeling from the folks here in Tenn, as well as reports of the same from my friends in PC. However, I would expand the numbers to include an increasing number of older people in to this mix.

        No doubt about it, the various sects of “the entitled” are feeling very empowered, and they become more emblazoned daily with each new bold act. Additionally, they are becoming increasingly militant.

        Yet another reason why I say above that those of us with reason and morality must circle our wagons (metaphorically speaking), and prepare ourselves for the forthcoming storm.

        Sorry Don, it’s just becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the realities of our situation, and cast our hopes on wishes.

        • New Albany, Mississippi. I’ve been back in the States for a couple of weeks. My stint in Scotland is over in about a month. I don’t have a title as of January 1 when my replacement takes the big chair. January will be filled with a couple of clean-up items and moving back.

        • Fear never wins anything….except when used to prepare, plan and strategize. So the purchase of “Defence” is a Good thing….Organizing would be the icing on the Cake.
          I wasn’t speaking of Hope…I hope I didn’t give that impression. But there must be a Goal at the end of the Wagon Circling…..which I see partly in the States Rights issue. In other words. You have to decide ( we have to decide) whether we are ‘men of action’ or not. The Circling must be to some greater purpose….some goal. Because the other side HAS decided that they are ‘men of action’…..and their GOAL is your (our) rights and property.

          The Calculus is simple…..violence in the form of Race Riots….Anita Montcrief has discussed this as have the Editors at Breitbart….from inside information.The form will come most likely as OWS type of actions which will morph into race riots in multiple locations at the same time……..OK you ( we ) know about this now….so,… (as I said to one Commentor from Calif below)… What are we going to do about it ????

          To me circling the Wagons ( and Not Metaphorically ) is the right thing to do……with like minded folks and with planning and with a Goal for how and what to do when the opportunity is right. Because when that opportunity shows up we (the Circlers) need to have Game Plans to enact Politically, Vocally, Physically etc the Goals we have. Which I think is the Restoration of the Constitution under a True Federalism.

          There ARE like-minded Folks in All the States…..This should be seen as a Positive…it should be leveraged. You’re an ER Doc I believe…..To speak Metaphorically….you are seeing a slew of MI’s and Crash(accident) patients coming…so you need to help Alert “Cardiology, Ortho Surgery and Anthesthesia Dept.s” to be on the ready and “in house” BEFORE the patients all show up.

          • In their hubris, this horde of Free Sh*t Army proto-Marxists will never foresee their downfall as it lays in wait.

            But I see it.

            And there isn’t a damn thing you or I can do to stop the Free Sh*t Army my friend. They simply want what you have, on your nickel, and no will never been an acceptable answer to them.

            Atlas will shrug.

            • I understand and agree for the most part……but because they will not understand the word “No”, doesn’t mean we say….”OK, I quit…it’s all yours”.

              Where is the downfall in N Korea or China ?? In the CCCP it took 70 years for a break in the storm. They HAVEN’T fallen even when their economies failed…..

              The Key is that they WANT you to Shrug….and just walk away. That way they stay in power inperpetuity. The FSA has been born and bred in despair and moral poverty…..anything given to them for free is a win to them….and ieven if it is diminished over time….then they still have vengeance which will be like a win to them.

              The Marxist Machine DOESN’T fail and just go away….History proves that and about this Rand is incorrect. The only way is to fight.

              But you sound defeated tonight. Saying there isn’t a damn thing anybody can do to stop the FSA is adopting what they are saying. And as I said there is a choice we all have to make .

      • Own a house in a very progressive area near San Francisco, have not lived there FT since 2009, but I think everything you said here is true. Living near SF gave us a preview of who Obama really was & what his true goals were, Van Jones & Company had been here for some time. Lots of GWPs in SF to really help move things along on road to socialism too.

        We feel so strongly about what’s coming that we intend to sell 4 properties in CA, starting this summer. We are going to completely divest ourselves of all CA investments. Not sure where we are going after-husband likes Belieze or Costa Rica, but I can’t imagine leaving and like TX or SC.

        We are not survivalists, owned small biz in SF for many yrs & husband has MBA, worked for UC & Stanford. We are not progressives, but not extremely conservative either. Just average Americans & we both think US has major problems on the horizon.

        • Your upcoming Decisions are moving toward the Conservative vein. Becareful about owning Property in Costa Rica….the legalities are complex.

          Like-minded folks will have to join together… order to make the Circling effective….and prosperous.

  2. Your next story should be the story of Babel.

    We have built our society on a solid foundation called a Constitution God inspired I believe but unfortunately we have left God in the dust of construction and decided to use extremely weak bricks and mortar. We are using “things” as the bricks and our “wants” as the mortar.

    Eventually nature wins!

  3. I spoke to Augger on bonds yesterday, and honestly, I do wonder if it is not time to “hide the cash under the mattress.” I was reading an article a while back ago which spoke on this EBT card. Apparently, one day the bank (I can’t remember which one) went down (offline). This caused riots. Think on this: With so many people on the EBT card, and one bank able to shut them down in seconds, how easy would a crisis be to create? Better yet; what would be the “band-aid?”

    On a side note, I very much love your writing.You’re 2 for 0, or is it 0 for 2? Isn’t that what you say in sports? Hmm….Then again, you did bring up La Perla….Mr. Kells asked me what it was. I told him it’s a bunch of socialist Italians who try to rip people off. I showed him the website. I found a 100% silk (not the La Perla silk/nylon blend ) teddy at the Goodwill for $20. So I saved $740. Yeah, baby, Big Daddy woulda loved Kelly Cat. That said, it was made in China….oh, dear. I think that’s where the majority of silkworms are, though, right?

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