File This One Under “He Told You So”

I’m sorry, I can’t resist posting this one (but it is WELL worth the read because, if he were ANYONE else and had this accurate of a record, he would be considered a modern prophet):

Looking Back on Beck’s 2012 Reflections and Predictions That Came to Light

[For the record, there’s nothing real special about Beck.  He’s just proved himself to be someone with the courage to seek and tell the truth, so those people behind the scenes who know what is going on are telling Beck what to look for and why, and Beck is reporting it to us.  In short, Beck is nothing more than the “deep throat” for a series of insiders who understand we are about to go over several cliffs and are trying to warn whoever will listen through Beck — which, btw, makes those people cowards.]

8 thoughts on “File This One Under “He Told You So”

  1. Joe, I will begin by saying that I am not a Glenn Beck subscriber. Reason: Do not care for the marketing strategies (though I get why he’s so aggressive with his marketing).

    That being said, he is more often than not, very accurate.

    It is that accuracy that represents a pain to the collective asses of the Free Sh*t Army, and their liberal would-be pundit sycophants like you see visiting here from time to time. Simply stated, Glenn Beck is a festering boil on their pristine little asses, and they hate him for exposing them.

    I’m actually sort of surprised there hasn’t been attempts on his life given the massive campaign to slaughter is character.

    • Augger,

      If we assume his security is actually better than what he has described on air, there is a reason no one has made an attempt on his life: they would be killed in the process by a bunch of former SEALs.

      As for the rest: were it not for Beck exposing the history of American Progressivism, I suspect the door to our cage would have been slammed shut by now. Now, the whole nation knows about the evil we call Progressivism, and it has upset the Republican Party at the same time. History may actually credit Beck with destroying the Republican Party because people like me will NEVER vote “R” again.

      • If and when we get to vote again……off on a tangent now…..I was speaking with Mr. Kells on voting fraud. He was saying it’s so easy to commit fraud with electronic ballots. He was saying that in Costa Rica you used to have to place your thumbprint on the ballot. I said that you could commit fraud that way, as well. He told me that, yes, you could, but now you’ve got the ballot in your hand and it lowers your chances of fraud. In a machine, you have too many variables, which increase your chances for voter fraud. He then went into all this computer junk and lost me.

        • Kells,

          If you are going to surrender to the vote, you’re already a slave.

          The PEOPLE are supposedly in charge of this govt., so WE, THE PEOPLE can remake it however we wish — even if it means we all get together, go to Tallahassee and throw them out on their arses bodily. And the only thing we need to make it legitimate according to the ideals and principles of the Declaration is to make sure the majority of Floridians are behind us AND that we do not institute tyranny in the place of tyranny. I should think the founders would be a perfect example for us: they managed to do it, so, if we can’t, we’ll only prove we are no longer a people deserving of liberty.

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