While Obama has been Busy Disarming America, the Bear has Returned Unnoticed

In case you haven’t noticed, it would appear that the Russians are on the verge of developing the ability to take out our nuclear deterrent while, at the same time, giving themselves a first-strike capability they never had before. Here’s the story:

Silent sub: Russian noiseless Borei class nuclear submarine immersed

So, while Obama has been busy disarming America while arming our enemies (Al Qaeda via the “Syrian rebels”), the Russians have been rebuilding their military in a way that could only be targeted at the U.S.  This is the President’s #1 job: DEFEND THIS NATION!  But he seems to be actively doing the opposite.

And that’s what you get when you elect a Marxist: help for our enemies and harm for ourselves.  I guess Obama has “transmitted to Putin,” and the message was “Come on in, the doors are open.”

2 thoughts on “While Obama has been Busy Disarming America, the Bear has Returned Unnoticed

  1. Actually we did say just that. Come on in fellas! This is what happens when we owe other countries too much money. We owe Russia about half what we owe the Chinese, but that is a lot, so we normalized trade with them. We are actually fighting Russia in the Syrian affair. The Russians are arming the other side. The Russians and the Chinese (Iran’s ally) both want to vacate the Petro Dollar (U.S. Dollar) as the World’s Reserve Currency, but it means so much money to us, over 1/2 trillion Petro Dollars per year, that we just can’t stand the idea. However, China loses a large part of all of that money we make by insisting other countries deal with our devalued fiat currency as the World’s Reserve Currency. (China imports a lot of oil.) We need to get out of the Middle East fast. We debased our own currency and spent like addicts on a toot. It’s not China’s and Russia’s fault. China and Russia are reaching the breaking point in the historically accurate Mid-East play that features the U.S. as a short-change artist. And, this isn’t just about Obama: It is about our sequenced presidential failures with their incompetent ideologies. Fighting in the Middle East does not equate to defense for the U.S. Defense for the U.S. means bringing bases back to the U.S. and mounting a defense system in the U.S. comparable to the Israeli Defense System.

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