Feeling Lucky

For New Years Eve — I suppose I’m a bit superstitious — I shall make certain dishes this night. Yes, I shall be serving pork, greens, legumes, and cornbread. (Personal preference; I just feel that cornbread is lucky.)

Out of curiosity, I wondered if others were as nutty as I. Well, it appears to be so. Uh-huh! http://www.epicurious.com/articlesguides/holidays/newyearsday/luckyfoods

It seems as though Americans aren’t the only superstitious folks. Apparently, many Spanish countries eat grapes. That hasn’t seemed to be very lucky for Spain, Portugal, and Mexico.

If you read the link, it also lists the foods to avoid. Lobster is on that list. I’m very fond of lobster and so is the First Lady, but I won’t eat it today; will she?

Lately, I’ve not been able to stay up until midnight (unless I’m out dancing with FL.)  This year, I shall be a lame-o and cook the lucky meal then try to hold out as long as possible.

Am I the lone nutter or do you all have a lucky New Year’s Eve meal/plan?


17 thoughts on “Feeling Lucky

  1. Crusty bread and Brie and a bottle of Dom Perignon. Figured we might as well spend it before Uncle Sugar takes it all.

    • Well, since you refused to take me to the Fiesta tonight, I thought I might just throw some fancy-shmancy word into the mix! The legumes were actually black-eyed peas in Texas caviar. I also had pinto beans with onions (my favourite). Perhaps next time you’ll carefully rethink your plans for the evening! You could’ve kissed Clyde tonight, Bonnie!

  2. Small plates, salad, stuffed mushrooms, crab cakes, no crostini though because we’re at the cabin. Rombauer Chardonnay in honor of being in the vineyards & it’s my favorite. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    • We must be related somehow, LOL……Sehr Trocken used to be our Favorite ! The Rombauer Family bought I believe….Is it still as good ??

      One of us in from NYC too BTW.

      • Rombauer is manna from heaven, their master winemaker left them & opened his own winery, Gregory Graham, just down the road from our cabin. God love him! Many great high altitude wines near us.

        In 1979 I spent the summer traveling US in a Chevy van, can u say hippie LOL, but I fell in love with the wine growing region north of SF and CA wines.

      • Happy New year Kellsie to you and your family .. :- )) .

        And Joe B….if UR out there ….Joyeux Noel to you and yours.

  3. We are having lobster Mac & cheese, black eye pease, garlic bread, sorted appetizers, chocolate fudge and frozen champagne peach cocktails.

    • I love lobster mac and cheese, but according to this link, you could be in trouble! Don’t risk it!

      Note to self: I have now recorded what these folks have eaten. Will they have a lucky new year? Will anyone? Only time will tell. Now, I can at least have some basic information to go by. I know deep down that if they don’t have a good year, it will all be due to global warming. Or wine and champagne…..

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