Happy Nude Year!


What? It’s NEW year, not NUDE year?

Well, it should be that. It would make me happy anyway – is it to much to ask for a little happiness for me?

If you make a resolution – promise me that it is not be a knob like these unfortunate folks…and if you are, get someone with an iPhone to record it so we can laugh at your silly ass…

And a bonus all-girl FAIL.

Thanks for all your readership, comments and support – even you knobs.

4 thoughts on “Happy Nude Year!

  1. That’s it! I’m callin my lawyers! I didn’t receive my royalty check from you, pal Joey! Yeah. Happy Friggin New Year.

    Oh, by the by, for a small fee, I will gladly mail an autographed pic.

  2. I don’t know what to say…..,Except that in order to make sure your New Years IS happy…..

    I promise NOT to go Nude…………..Ur welcome.

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