Obamacare Preview From The UK

Remember – your betters know what is good for you and therefore shut up. Via The Telegraph:

One in three have online medical record, many without knowledge

More than one in three people have had their medical details uploaded onto a central database accessible by healthcare professionals across the country, many without their knowledge, it has been claimed.

The controversial system designed to ensure that doctors have fast access to brief details of a patient’s allergies and medication in an emergency, has accumulated the records of 22m people including children, the Daily Telegraph has learned.

Campaigners warned that the majority of those patients whose records have been uploaded will not be aware and said there are dangers the information could be hacked, bought by private companies or matched to other publicly available details on individuals.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt is keen to boost the use of IT in the NHS and wants the emergency services to have access to a patient’s medical records when they arrive to treat them in an emergency.

2 thoughts on “Obamacare Preview From The UK

  1. Thus the chip, Pip. Then again, it would seem only logical that a hacker could break into an implanted chip’s memory. I am told scary things by very reliable sources. We are all on the grid. Well, unless we’re livin in a van down by the river…..

  2. No entirely surprising. When you give your body to the government for your free shit, why would you expect you would keep a right to privacy following?

    Do you hear me socialists? No belly-aching when you find out your free shit wasn’t free after all.

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