STOP the CARNAGE ! It is time to BAN BUSES

Reuter’s reports:

Nine people were killed and at least 26 others injured on Sunday when a charter bus headed to Canada from Las Vegas skidded off an icy mountain highway and crashed down an embankment in northeastern Oregon.

If there had been only 1 or 2 or 3 people in the vehicle as it slid off the roadway, 9 people would not have been killed and 26 would not have been injured and in the hospital.

(Merely extending the totalitarian’s argument for supporting new firearm restrictions)

3 thoughts on “STOP the CARNAGE ! It is time to BAN BUSES

  1. That’s it. I’ll never ride a bus again! I never knew the dangers of public transportation. Come to think of it, I read about a woman being raped and killed on a BUS in India. Why we let them roam the streets so freely is beyond me. Damn busses!

  2. I have heard numerous stories of bus accidents where multiple people were killed. We need to ban all vehicles that can carry more than one person. You never heard of multiple fatalities when we all rode horses. Also, no riding with a passenger on the horse will be allowed.

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