The Cliff…

Cliff Dive 1

UPDATE…… Joe Biden has saved us.  The Senate and the White House have come to an agreement to keep us from cliff diving.



Well it has become quite apparent that those in Washington D.C. are going to take the Nation over the “fiscal cliff”.  And as usual they are rank amateurs at this task as well.  But as I stated weeks ago the President and his allies in the Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives, otherwise known as Congress, want to raise taxes on ALL Americans no matter how much money they make.  All the while they will blame the Republicans for the “tax increase”.  Cliff Dive 3Cliff Dive 2So we collectively go over the cliff.

To really view the carnage visit the Dryer Report.  Oh…. Happy New Year.

5 thoughts on “The Cliff…

  1. It won’t pass both chambers. The democrats spent all afternoon hyperventilating about raising the the tax threshold to $450,000 dollars, and the bulk of these spending cuts are to come from the military budget, which will piss off the Republicans.

    Like Kells, I say “get your gainer on!”, we are going diving, and honestly … I welcome it.

    Let the democrats eat cake.

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