Congratulations to the #1, Non-Rule 5 RNL Blogger of 2012!

And the blogger is, for his piece on “to cut or not to cut,” (drum roll, please)……………..AUGGER!

The winner walking away with his post:

Male Versus Female Circumcision – (warning: medical images of graphic nature)

Well done, doc, well done. Now, pick a 2013 subject and get it posted. The clock is already ticking on you.

7 thoughts on “Congratulations to the #1, Non-Rule 5 RNL Blogger of 2012!

  1. I’m calling a foul on this one. Even though it was medical in nature, it did have a picture of a vagina. That has to be at least worth 4.5 of a Rule 5.

    • Sorry, boss, the ruling on the field stands. Augger’s picture was not meant to illicit the same response as a Rule 5 post, hence it is a non-rule 5 post.

      I don’t makes da rules: I just enforce dem.

  2. Augger,
    May I re-suggest an article on sexually transmitted diseases?

    I did a little research and have had discussions with friends of mine that are MDs,

    What the Doctors know, is REALLY frightening, and everyone else should know the hazards too. Additionally, a close friend of mine that practices family law was explaining to me the number of marriages that are ruined due to std’s…..

    I attempted to inform my children in hopes they will be careful in the future …

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