For All You SEC Fans Out There, You Will Love This!

Now folks, if I am anything else, I am a fan of Southeastern Conference football. In today’s Outback Bowl, the refs were obviously pulling for Michigan, even going as far as attempting to manipulate the chains to give Michigan a first down (that really wasn’t), and they got away with it too.

Steve Spurrier nearly had an existential meltdown, and rightfully so (side bar: the Republican’s should hire Spurrier to teach them how to flip out).

19 year old Jadeveon Clowney had other ideas, and a much better solution.

Welcome to SEC football Michigan.

16 thoughts on “For All You SEC Fans Out There, You Will Love This!

  1. Clowney’s play was one of the best defensive plays made all year. The hit… the awareness to see the loose ball…. and the recovery of the fumble…. ALL IN ONE INDIVIDUAL PLAY!!!

    Outstanding young man ….. outstanding!


    When that Ref called that a first down…. well lets just say I wasn’t quietly watching football. 😉

  2. Wasn’t Michigan a swing state? Can’t wait for the Michigan Muslims to field a football team!! I am sure the cheer leaders (not women) will be a real knockout.

    • I’m sorry, I have to fix this for you.

      “My Clemson Tigers,( ACC), that other South Carolina team, somehow managed to eek out a win their game against the Tigers of LSU, (SEC) — something they could not do against the real South Carolina team (SEC). Go Gamecocks!!, Carolina, that is.”

      Now fixed. 🙂

        • The inherent problem with Clemson, is that it’s football program is a spin-off of Auburn’s. Bowden’s very best came off the students recruited by Pat Dye before him. And just where has Clemson been vs Carolina since 08?

          Wassup! 🙂

          • Clemson and USC are both good teams and on any given day, can beat any team in the country.

            Spurrier seems to have Clemson’s number for sure. But I think both Spurrier’s and Clowney’s remarks after the game are going to come back and bite them in the ass next year. 😉 It should also be noted that none of the current players on the Clemson roster were recruited by Terry Bowden.

            • Hehehe, I know when Dye’s, and Bowden’s tenures ended. Alas, I didn’t bring up Bowden, but I digress.

              Bring it on you Clemsonite! 🙂

              • I got my Bowdens mixed up. It was Tommy who coached at Clemson, not Terry. Imagine my chagrin, eh? But Tommy did manage to beat his Father’s team, the FSU Seminoles four times, compiling a 4-5 record against his father in what became known as the “Bowden Bowl.”

  3. I know you are referring to the game on New Year’s Eve as I had to patiently pretend to be interested because daddy wanted to tune in. I had to ask him what the hello he was talking about when he spoke on SEC and ACC. Silly. No offense, but I’d rather have Annie’s “Tomorrow” belted in my ear than watch this sport!.

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