Two Great Reminders

First from a favorite of mine from the UK, James Delingpole. Do read it all:

Yes, I know there are those who think I sometimes go over the top in the way I sledge the opposition. But this is not a criticism I’m going to buy – or ever will buy. Did Churchill ever issue a wartime directive that, following complaints submitted by the German embassy in Dublin, soldiers should refrain from singing hurtful songs about Herr Hitler’s monotesticular status? Not as far as I can recall. In war, all is fair game. When the other side behaves badly, it deserves to be called on it – in the most explicit terms possible – not excused on the dubious grounds that if we’re a bit nicer to the Imperial Japanese Army and don’t draw any nasty cartoons depicting them with buck teeth and thick spectacles maybe next time they’ll desist from tying wounded prisoners to trees and using them for bayonet practice.

Now from Stacy McCain:

In the interests of bipartisanship and the Starbucks ”Come Togther” spirit, I’ll quote Tom Blumer’s PJ Media column:

What Breitbart understood, and what all too many establishment Republicans and even conservatives don’t, is that there is no accommodating the left . . . The left is hellbent on fundamentally transforming the country into a socialist utopia which has never succeeded anywhere it has been tried, and the press is determined to help them do that. Folks, no matter what you do, they’re going to hate you . . . So you might as well do the right thing and follow your beliefs and principles.

Damn the Republican Party. Damn them all to hell.

6 thoughts on “Two Great Reminders

  1. We are on our own now. I feel like the last of the Mohicans. Lies from the politicians, lies from the media and the masses are too ignorant to understand where they are leading themselves with their votes for the new utopian republic that Plato desired. Welcome to the real Hell on Earth.

  2. Breitbart understood Progs intrinsically because he grew up in the heartland of Lefty. He watched it commence and multiply. For CA conservatives Breitbart was special, we’d all walked a few miles in the same flip flops.

  3. Joe, We have a short time left before The Lord calls his remnant home. As a Christian I have spent many hours in Revalation and know fully what is coming. My comment was not religious in nature nor meant to be. It was merely a statement that those in the US today that have conservative beliefs are going to be overwhelmed by those that have no clue what they are bringing on themselves. I’m humbled daily that The Lord has blessed me and my family and provides the peace daily to persevere until he raptures us home.

    • Chhelo,

      I understand, but I see a connection between Biblical prophecy and what is coming our way in this country. They are connected because we are fulfilling prophecy through our own arrogance. By not doing our best to live within God’s natural law, we have created an artificial world which will soon collapse, opening the door for even more man-made horrors. Looking to history, our solution to the problems we create has always been more and bigger and more powerful government. Unfortunately, there’s only one thing left: global governance. And there’s the connection 😉

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