Second thoughts on an Harvard Education…..

An e-mail my sister sent me. I was hesitant to watch this because I honestly felt a bias. Although it’s not loaded with comedy (hey, they’re not from the south) it is very good. From sister C2. Here we go then:

I am currently reading this guy’s book. What’s so significant about his story is that he was clinically almost brain dead. The part of his brain that allows one to dream, fantasize, and REM sleep, (his Cortex)- was gone.  Watch video below…. His book is good, too. He reviewed his own medical records and couldn’t believe he survived… Did I mention that he is a Harvard trained neurosurgeon?

Check out this video on YouTube:

5 thoughts on “Second thoughts on an Harvard Education…..

  1. It’s not unlike other near-death experiences, including that of my wife. However, that still doesn’t prove that heaven exists – only that the world is far beyond our ability to comprehend it.

    • I should very much like to hear your wife’s story. When my oldest son was five, we passed a cemetery. He pointed to it and told me that those were waiting pods. That was weird. He has no recollection of saying this to us. That’s a true story. I do not believe that it is beyond our comprehension to know that Heaven exists; I believe it’s under our very nose! Problem is; we don’t see things like a child, do we? Far too frightening, really, isn’t it?

  2. There is no “proof of heaven” except what the Creator reveals – either you believe (as laid out within the Bible) or you don’t. I find these ppl who have some “experience” more any annoying and sad. But in the end, everyone born will know the truth of it all.

    • I found his experience interesting in that he was claimed by Christ at an early age, but fell out of his faith (not that it could have anything to do with his education… :shock:) I believe his “come to Jesus” moment was especially ironic in that he had criticized his own patients for these visions they witnessed when they were clinically dead.

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