Lazy Boys!

I’ve decided that because I am surrounded by pure, unadulterated laziness, I must expose it in the only way I know how: Limericks! Yes, I’ll try to be as gentle as possible, but this is what the boys have been up to today…….

There once was a boy named Mike,
Who decided to go ride his bike,
Said he with a grin,
“I had to give in,
For I want to do something I like.”

Let’s talk about dear little Joe,
It’s raining so where did he go?
To the T.V. set!
To see his sweet pet;
A guy by the name of Tebow.

Augger is next on this list,
For at the ER he was missed,
He took a whirl,
With a pretty young girl;
His jail time is due to his tryst.

Now I must rat out sweet daddy,
You know I’m his lass and not laddie,
When I asked if he’d write,
He said, “Not tonight,
For I’ve got to pound some with ole Paddy.”

Texas in all of his glory,
Is goin to have quite of a story,
Miss Mona did ring,
And spoke on his thing,
Word has it he’s fled in his dory.

FL is missing from work,
His duties he happened to shirk.
You see, he’s with me,
Cross-dressing are we,
We only have one little quirk.

I didn’t want to let everyone know the grim reality, but there you have it. Yeah, the truth hurts.


19 thoughts on “Lazy Boys!

    • Thanks, Sally. Hooked on Phonics worked for me. Now, Sally, let’s get down to business and talk about where you and Don Ameche were today! Uh-huh! I think some commenters got some splainin to do. (Um, I’m sorry, but I had to sell the pics of y’all to that TMZ website.)

      • My (lame) attempt…

        Don and Sally were nowhere in sight
        When kellsbells started ringing with might;
        Her limericks were blogged,
        Naughty pictures were logged,
        and she’s drinking the profits all night.

        • 😆 Lame my ass! Mother’s name is Sally, and I believe you both share a bit o the blarney brilliance! Truly, you’re awfully funny. (Funny ha-ha, not lookin………………I’ve got the pics to prove it.)

        • Sally Eleven thirty-seven
          made uh Lim’rick just outta Heaven
          With Drinks for all
          Naughty Pics on the “wall”
          The Donster profits from his RioNorte Brethren.

    • You shall pay for your insolence, Dusty! When I return from watching Augger in this Girls Gone Wild PC edition, I will compose a sweet little payback for you. (Oh, and I already heard about the deal you made with Joe Francis….uh-huh!)

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