I wrote THINGS ARE SELDOM WHAT THEY SEEM before writing this piece so I could establish the links between media and gun control and the American Progressive movement. I now write to bring some information to your attention that you likely have not heard in the controlled media. But first, I would like you to consider something: if the Progressives pride themselves on promoting ‘progress’ through science, then why do they ignore the science when it comes to the issue of gun control? And if the Progressives are as for ‘education’ as they claim, why wouldn’t their friends in the media cover what we’re about to cover? Seriously, we need to give some serious consideration to the obvious implications found in these simple observations. Now, let’s address the subject at hand.

I was aware that studies have shown fewer than 25% of troops in contact will actually fire their weapons, and of that 25%, only 10% actually aim. I knew this because, among other things, one of the primary reasons the U.S. Marines are such a respected combat force is because Marines shoot back in much higher percentages and, of those who shoot back, nearly all of them aim. But I first heard that the U.S. Government has been using violent video games to desensitize our combat troops on The Blaze. Apparently, these games are fairly successful at helping to wear down a recruit’s natural resistance to killing other humans, and thus, making him a more efficient and deadly killer. What’s more, the world’s leading authority on the issue of violence and killing, LtCol. Dave Grossman, says it has been known for many years that there is a direct, causal link between the violence in our entertainment culture and the spike in violent crimes within our society. You should start by reading this article and watching the video link within it:

Glenn Beck and West Point Psychology Prof. Discuss Social Impact of Violent Video Games

This man taught me a great deal that I had previously not known. For instance, were you aware that the first school shooting in this country was happened in 1966, and at a university, not a grade school? The first grade school shooting didn’t occur until Dec 30, 1974? Apparently, school shootings are a recent development that seems to have started in the U.S. and spread to the rest of the world. (Timeline of school shooting in the U.S.). Perhaps not so coincidentally, this trend seems to have started shortly after the Courts kicked God and religion out of our schools (America: to Pray or not to Pray).

But there’s more, and I didn’t know this, either. Did you know that Congress has known for more than a decade that there is a direct link between the violence in video games and the violence being committed by youth in our society? The charge is being led by Dr. Douglas Gentile, and is backed by more than 30 years of research that shows a clear causal link between our entertainment industry and the rise of violent crime in our society:
The Multiple Dimensions of Video Game Effects
Douglas A. Gentile
Iowa State University

Violent Video Games: The Effects on Youth, and Public Policy Implications

Joint Statement on the Impact of Entertainment Violence on Children

Congressional Public Health Summit
July 26, 2000

Media Violence
Pediatrics 2001;108;1222
Committee on Public Education

I learned one more interesting fact that our politicians and media are hiding from you, and I learned it by reading the stories on The Blaze and watching the complete interviews on GBTV. I learned that the decline in violent deaths that our politicians tout as proof that they are doing something about crime is not because crime is going down, it is because our health care system is getting that good at saving those who are injured in the process.

In Medical Triumph, Homicides Fall Despite Soaring Gun Violence

So, what should we make of all this? For starters, we need to accept that our leaders are lying to us. This means your politician, no matter which Party he or she may belong. It also means the media is part of this lie. If it weren’t, then it would cover what I just shared with you in a much more prominent manner, and with an editorial twist that makes it clear guns are not the problem. Finally, we know that they know the science is against them, yet they defend the very source of this violence (i.e. the media) and attack inanimate objects instead (i.e. guns). That suggests there is a hidden motive for this attack on private gun ownership, which then suggests that we had better stop thinking those like myself are paranoid when we try to point out there are clear parallels between what is happening in our country today and what has happened in the past when collectivist dictatorships have taken over what were formerly free nations. We are repeating history.


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    • Hi, and welcome to the RNL.

      I’m not sure what you might be asking, but I wrote this piece. I’m not sure who your cousin is, but, if we can help you, please let us know how. We’ll do our best to help in any way we can.


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