A Pictorial Lesson On The Principles Of Freedom (Part II)

I know there are many who will disagree with this, but nevertheless, it is the foundation upon which all of Western society and the resulting rights and liberties of all mankind have been built and it must be learned and understood if we are to preserve that freedom:


7 thoughts on “A Pictorial Lesson On The Principles Of Freedom (Part II)

    • mandmplus4,

      Actually, yes, it does. You cannot enslave a people such as that as our founding fathers because they answered to the ultimate Authority. But once you divorce a people from their allegiance to that Authority, history shows that all manner of depravity soon follows and you can even convince them to spend their own money to buy themselves into slavery.


  1. How sad pastors, priests and rabbi’s do not talk about this.

    We only need to look to Europe to see what happens because of secularism.

  2. This week a young man told me the founders of our country were not Christian. My response, what were they if not Christian. Puritans, he responded. Although I pointed out to him Puritans WERE Christians, he said they were not. I said, my family came in 1628 & I can assure you they were Puritan, Protestant, Christian. He said, just your family was Christian. On and on……I have one question? Who the hell is teaching these kids American history?

    • Trapp,

      Progressives are teaching them our history: the same progressives who tell us we will have to “change our history, change our traditions.”

      Next time someone tries to tell you that our founders were not Christians, ask them if they know what the English called the American Revolution. The English called it “The Protestant Rebellion.” Sort of puts the lie to the revisionism, doesn’t it? 😉

    • They need to be told straightforward that they are being lied to…..explain what Joe said below about Progressivism taking over the schools….tell them to Google Progressivism themselves……and tell them to READ the Founders words themselves NOT what their Teachers Said the Founders said. Would they like it if only the teachers could speak for them and they weren’t allowed to voice their own thoughts?

      Ask them what quote is on the Liberrty Bell….engraved in Brass….from Leviticus. If the Puritans and their Decendents ( Our Founders) weren’t Christian they wouldn’t have chosen such a phrase to represent them…..they could have chosen a Secular one from Locke etc…and again tell them to Google it themselves.

      • Don,

        Ah, my turn to call foul. There is NOTHING “secular” about Locke. He drew his thoughts on Natural Law and Natural Rights straight from Romans — and HE said so, not me 🙂

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