Are We Becoming Monsters? A Community Defends Rapists Rather than Victim


This is a very disturbing story, but I post it as a testimony to the people we’re becoming.

Last month, the New York Times published a detailed report on an alleged gang rape in the small Ohio football town of Steubenville.  But that isn’t the really troubling part.  The really troubling part about this story is that the town rallied around the accused — NOT THE VICTIM!  Rather than take the young girl seriously, the town defended the boys she accused of this heinous crime.  Then a video was leaked that allegedly shows parts of the crime as it happened.

Here’s the story:

Disturbing Video Leaked of Ohio High School Students Joking About Alleged Gang Rape

This story bothers me on so many levels, all of which are connected to the people we’re becoming.  I am reminded of an incident from WW II.  Did you know that, when they were hanging Mussolini and his mistress, Clara Petacci, after they had executed them, the crowed still had the decency to put a rope around her skirt to hold it in place as she hung upside down.

WARNING!  Graphic video (note the rope holding her skirt in place as they hang her up near the end of the video clip):

Now, I am not excusing the brutality of what the crowd was doing, nor do I presume to be able to judge their actions as I have not had to live through an experience anywhere near what Mussolini put his people through.  The only reason I mention it is that, even after what these people had been through, they still retained enough of their humanity to preserve the dead woman’s modesty.  That was done not only out of a minimal sense of respect for the dead, but for society as well.  Today, when I read stories such as the one I linked to in this post, I wonder how much of our humanity is left?

Isaiah 5:20-21

20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

21 Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!

12 thoughts on “Are We Becoming Monsters? A Community Defends Rapists Rather than Victim

  1. Your last question is easy to answer. Well over half of Americans have NO sense of decency left. We see proof of that every time we see the ratings for current TV shows. — Good post Joe.

  2. The fact that these 2 accused rapists are high school football players explains why the ” no brains ” crowd is protesting on their behalf. I would bet that most of these protesters have “re-elect’ stickers on their cars.

  3. The problem IS;

    There have been so many instances of politically conttolled prosecutorial misconduct, (like the Zimmerman case in Florida);

    The average Americsn is learning to not trust “the government”.

    So: when a person makes a claim of innocence, people believe it.

  4. What is also disturbing is that once the Video and other details DID COME OUT…..those defending the Perps didn’t come back out and say…..”We were wrong….we need to rethink this”.

    THAT would have sent a message that decency will come through when evidence shows the story has changed. But people seem to DOUBLE-DOWN on their defence of Sickness and Criminality, again as with the Zimmerman case. Which however it seems to unravel the Original story……the anti-Zimmerman, anti-2nd amendment crowd just repeat already disproved points.

    The Police in India (and some of the State Politicians) at first blamed the Girl who was raped and eventually beaten to death…..UNTIL…..UNTIL ….the huge outcry……THEN the PERPS were arrested. And the “official” statements changed rhetorically.

    I strongly feel that VOCAL, and PHYSICAL protest ( meetings,continual Marches) is the only way things change……The College Kids in India and groups through-out the world are USING the Press and basically SHAME-ing the authorities into moving in the right direction !!!

    The Tea Party was similar in that it was VOCAL….and PHYSICAL ( meetings with Congress Critters) and thus became inspirational……..The MSM and Hollywood and Progressive/Democrats then enacted their own Vocal “Campaign” to combat it, discredit it. Unfortunately the TP has been LESS Voval and LESS Physical in response.

    The lesson in the India case and the TP case is that Organized, Vocal and persistant Shame-ing and Shunning of Wrong People and Wrong policies is what is going to change things……..this Battle will be LONG and Hard….but the evidence and the “path” is in front of our faces.

    • “What is also disturbing is that once the Video and other details DID COME OUT…..those defending the Perps didn’t come back out and say…..”We were wrong….we need to rethink this”.”

      And they never will because this was one girl, that meant nothing to them, against 2 football “heroes”. If these rapists are proscecuted and jailed, the football team will suffer and that is unacceptable to these idiots.

      • Exactly FLA…..look what kind of Public outcry it took to prosecute the Long-standing abuse at Penn State.

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