I’ve been giving a great deal of thought to the problems facing our nation.  I know I have brought up the subject of secession, and I’ve been serious about it.  But I have decided that, given the current divisions among the people of this nation, those who have objected to the idea are actually correct.  So, it is with deadly seriousness that I now say I no longer want those who still believe in and support the Constitution to secede from the union.  Instead, I wish for those States who wish to remain in the federation handed down to us by our founders to vote on evicting those States that seek to destroy our union.

Yes, that’s right: I want the Red States to vote on forcibly evicting the Blue States from the union.  Not only is this the better course for our nation, IT IS CONSTITUTIONAL!  Here’s why:

First, the Constitution is NOT our founding document.  Those who make this assertion do so only out of ignorance, or for deceptive purposes.  Our nation’s founding document is the Declaration of Independence.  Until that document was signed, the United States of America did not exist.  Once it was signed by all the Colonies, that is when we became a nation, and the Constitution even acknowledges this fact in the preamble:

 We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union,…

 See there?  The United States existed before the Constitution, and the Constitution was written and adopted to strengthen our union, not establish it.  But then, if we would simply listen to what our founders told us, we’d never have forgotten this:

“Before the formation of this Constitution…[t]his Declaration of Independence was received and ratified by all the States in the Union and has never been disannulled.”

–John Adams, to the Legislature of Massachusetts, Jan. 17, 1794

You see, the Declaration of Independence is the statement of what this country believes: it is the declaration of our national soul.  The Constitution is merely one of many possible paths by which we can live the ideals and principles asserted in the Declaration, but it is not the only path because it is not the foundation of our nation.

Now, with that said, I would bring your attention to the opening lines of the Declaration of Independence:

When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

So it is that I propose that we draw from the founding spirit of this nation to declare that those who remain in the majority of States which still support and try to adhere to the principles and ideals set forth in our Declaration of Independence (red States) list the primary reasons for which we vote to expel those States which we consider to be in rebellion against these ideals and principles (blue States).  The complaint is simple:

The Blue States have rejected Natural Law and stood the natural order of things on its head, declaring right to be wrong and wrong to be right and seeking to enslave the minority for the benefit of the majority.  In short, the Blue States have violated social contract which formed this nation, and as violators of a contract, those States still in good standing according to the terms of this contract do hereby expel those States in rebellion from our union.

And this is how we save the union and preserve man’s individual rights and liberty upon the earth.

26 thoughts on “NOT SECESSION: EVICTION!

  1. Outstanding !

    The Statists are acting UN-constitutionally, otherwise described as, illegally, or in contravention of, our “social contract” !

    It is quite simple and forthright to read the US Constitution and understand the plain language which the Marxists/statists “say” is not there. (anyone can read OUR Constitution and understand. And NO, you aren’t required to be an attorney)

    The US Supreme Court’s infiltration was completed in FDR’s time by Statists, which either ignore easily understood LAW, or MAKE UP law out of “whole cloth” to undermine and allow the VIOLATORS to proceed onward, laying waste to reason and common sense.

      • I am flustered after my last 2 “Constitution” posts.

        The current STATISTS are DARING America to STAND UP to them by purposely VIOLATING our Constitution.

        An agreement, is an agreement. The language is either plain or it is not.

        Any person capable of reading and understanding English, can read, and understand, OUR Constitution.

        Our Constitution was CAREFULLY and PURPOSELY written in plain language so that a majority of AMERICANS could read and understand what their Government was and is ALLOWED to do.

        It has taken a century of lies and indoctrination to convince average Americans, who are quite educated in narrow areas, to believe there MUST BE some “code” or “symbology” to understanding OUR Constitution.



    January 5, 2013 byJohn DeMayo

    Strategy: Bury Obama In Investigations!

    The electorate is beginning to realize that Congress is a weak institution overwhelmed by conflicting agendas and un-American influences. Conservative legislators are poorly equipped to directly influence Presidential behavior. Obama is a skilled and brazen liar supported by a radical media and enabled by a disintegrating American culture. Given that the President has significantly expanded the Executive Branches power to rule, how can our representatives corral the corrupt ideology destroying our Republic?

    History shows us that a suspect Executive Administration can be slowed and in many cases stopped through the skillful and vigilant investigations provided by congressional committees. Serious investigation’s focused on not only the President but his entire cabinet can create an untenable environment for those with much to hide. It’s time that John Boehner releases the political hounds in our fight against a corrupt President. In battle life is finite. Republicans must decide if they want to go out on their feet or their knees. President Obama’s pride and unlawful predilections are obvious weaknesses and the time has come for Congress to use its only remaining weapon to protect what is left of Democracy and our Constitution.

    The current Administration’s brash execution of its un-American activities must be stopped and it is within the purview of the House Committee on the Judiciary (a Republican-controlled committee) to do so. Pressure must be applied until this administration breaks and falls. Compromise is not an option when dealing with Obama. It is a weakness.

    The list of un-constitutional activities and potential criminal acts being perpetrated on our Republic by the Obama Administration is long and growing. It’s time that patriots pressured our remaining allies to go on the offensive against this President. A list of House Judiciary members can be found at It’s time we do more than vote. It’s time to tell our government what we expect of them. Allowing them to ignore and sanction corruption while our nation slides to absurdity is a sin. We are the greatest country in the world; let us begin to act like it.

    It’s time our elected representatives took the fight to the Presidents dinner table. Let Obama feed on inappropriate questions and public embarrassment while entertaining his homey’s. Make him squirm as he attempts to explain his obvious character flaws and criminal behavior to his family while he puts them to bed. Make him think about his criminal legacy every time he sets up for a putt. Make no mistake, America, this is personal. This is our country’s future we are battling for, and there will be collateral damage. Not even a biased media can protect a borderline psychopath President from it. The race card has been overplayed and the alleged war on women was lost to abortionists and the morally bankrupt long before the last election. We can no longer afford to be polite.

    A quick look at the complexion of the House Judiciary Committee shows Democrats to be seriously out matched. Democrat ranking member John Conyers, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee and Rep. Maxine Waters’ ethnic biases may empower these Obama loyalists, but they are all ignorable distractions for the likes of Smith, Issa, and the cadre of conservative Republican leaders running the Judiciary Committee. It is my belief that these men and women can and will, if directed, present a credible challenge to the Executive overreach we are being forced to endure. It just takes a push by an active electorate. Americans who are fed up can out shout a biased media and a complacent entitlement culture.

    The greatest disruption and most damaging action our legislators can take to inhibit a sitting President and his Administration is to publicly investigate them. Effective investigations inevitably lead to retirement, resignation and in some cases prison. It can also destroy the political careers of powerful influences destined to seek higher office and continue this destructive legacy.

    Let’s splatter the halls of congress and the west wing with Obama’s communist credentials and unconstitutional acts. Let’s tie up MSNBC’s elite journalists with one Executive Administration investigation after another until the man who can’t stand to be questioned is brought to his knees. It’s time our representatives shamelessly take the fight to the White House. It’s time they showed the American public what it means to be courageous. Courageous enough to fall on their swords if necessary.

    Welcome to Chicago America. Don’t make the mistake of waiting for the next election to find out your have been outgunned.

  3. A Rose by any other Name Joe…..

    Secession IS in keeping with the Constitution….and Bill of Rights….it is the attempt to Protect and Preserve the Constitution from those Individuals, Fed Gov’t and other States who are acting UN-Constitutionally or who are actively trying to overthrow it…..Like Louis Seidman at Georgetown in DC.

    BUT if those Americans who DO support the Constitution as written and the Bill of Rights form a Movement to Protect the Republic from thiose Domestic forces Hostile to it….and they want to call it Eviction….then I am in.

    With momentum and successes….it would be eventually be called “Secession” or secessionist-like by the Progressives/communists……you know that right ??

    • Don,

      Do not play their word games. If they try to paint it that way, stay calm and just correct them by saying:

      “No, this is not secession, this is an eviction of those lawless people who have broken their trust with the American people and the U.S. Constitution.”

      • The Problem is there is no legal standing ( that I know of) whereby an “eviction” can be done….whereas Leaving voluntarily has more of a Moral and Legal footing. The other could be seen as the Evictors taking away the others’ Constitutional rights. Whereas Secession can be framed as a “Divorce” entered into voluntarily because of one Party ( figuretively speaking) has broken the agreement……so you say I am voluntarily separating…peacefully….to follow the course of the Original Constitution and Bill of Rights….because you have subverted the Law.

        The Eviction scenario can be seen as an interpretive one….they say THEY are acting correctly the Evictors they THEY are.

        With Seccesion…..the break is clear and NOT left as to interpretation for reasons and what is wanted.

        • Don,

          The Constitution is the standing. It is a contract. If the majority decide a minority has violated the terms of that contract, they can and should be expelled.

          I think the hang-up for most people is that we have accepted this false notion that bigger means greater. Well, the right of the people does NOT out-weigh the right of the individual to his/her own life. Neither does a nation out-weigh a State. We have to stop thinking this way and get back to thinking in terms of INDIVIDUAL rights and liberties. Once you do that, it gets easier to think in terms of rights and that will free you from the artificial constraints we’ve placed on ourselves that are preventing us from doing what is right for fear of harming a nation.

          If it means we must condemn the whole of our people, then to hell with the union — or, in this case, those few States causing the ruin of the rest. Honor the contract or be expelled.

          • Well…….First off….you know you and I agree on fundamentals and on where the Country’s direction should be.

            To me Secession embodies exactly what you are saying about a “false notion that bigger means greater.” The Constitution embodies the concept of a Collection of Equals which unite together to ensure the rights of the Individual and the Individual State…..that is the whole REASON for their being a Federal Gov’t structure at at ALL !!

            I think this is Spot-on for enlightening the Hearts and Minds of the American People ( those educationally and media challanged)….” to think in terms of rights and that will free you from the artificial constraints we’ve placed on ourselves that are preventing us from doing what is right for fear of harming a nation.”

            The point I’m making is that the notion of “Eviction” carries with it the notion of taking away someone’s or some group’s Constitutional Rights……they are joined at the Hip. Someone like Louis Seidman of Georgetown is different because he is OPENLY talking about Taking away all of our Constitutional rights…..he is a clear traitor and advocate of Lawlessness!

            BUT……the way the Progressives are playing it now…..they can argue that they ARE following the Constitution based on “Legal Precident ” of “interpretation”……and thus it would be the “Evictors” who are acting outside the Constitution and taking away their constutional protections by the act of ‘Eviction’.

            The whole Topic of the undermining of the Constitution/Bill of Rights by the Supreme Court via their rulings based first on “interpretation” ( 1803-1840s) and then later ,on the mere referencing of their OWN rulings as “Legal Precident” is one that needs desparately to be addressed to the public. In essence they have concocted a Scheme whereby the SC IS the arbitor of what is and what is NOT Constitutional……a 150 year Scheme to wrest control to the Centralized State. And I don’t think even many Conservatives really know this yet.

            But, that being said… is this language of “Interpretation” that gives credence in the popular mind that Eviction could be thrown into the He said–She said, or Your Interpretation–Our interpretation argument and thus any eviction would be seen as a “stealing” of Progressives’ Constitutional Rights.

            I only say this in order to cut them off at the pass so to speak…….know thy enemy .. ;- )) .

            • Don,

              AH, but you do not have rights if you violate your part of the contract, and there is the rub we need to exploit. While it is true, natural rights cannot be taken away by anyone, constitutional protections are not natural rights — they are merely an extension of them. The constitution is a social contract, an agreement based upon the natural right to contract individually. If one breaks the terms of the contract, then one forfeits any claim one had under that contract. So, if the blue States are going to violate the terms of the Constitution, then they are no longer protected by it — they are the ones who have actually rejected it. All I am proposing is that the rest of us who agree to remain bound by these terms tell those who reject it to leave the protection of the society formed by it.

              in other words, throw the blue States back into the pure state of nature where they belong. That is their natural right, and it is what they have actually chosen. I’m just proposing to give them what they’ve asked for. 🙂

              • Yes…..(1)some form of States Rights being pushed through the Governors…….(2)an articulation of the BREAK of Contract by the Blue States, hopefully in the alternative Press like GBTV…..(3)perhaps a Public movement in the Tea Party loudly voicing this Un-Constitutional movement in Gov’t and some states, perhaps with Marches again……(4)advocacy for Teaching the Constitution in Schools and a Campaign ( Bill Boards, Internet , Twitter Campaigns) that publically highlights the ABSENCE of the Constitution in the Schools…..(5) mixed with soft forms of Civil Disobedience…like the insurance exchanges in the various states.

                Coordinated , focused action like that would give encouragement to the Conservatives in the Blues states to start demanding different actions with their brethren in the Red states. Adds in the Major newspapers and on TV could also be employed ….. at that point a “Public Voice space” has been created in which appeals by folks like Texas95 will be naturally picked up.

                • Don,

                  You’re still trying to play the game within the framework of the cage they’ve built for us. how about we tell the feds they have no right to control the public airwaves (that’s not in the constitution) and then we just do as we please with them. then we tell the feds they have no authority to mandate public schools and we set about making private, internet based systems.

                  In short, we just stop playing the game. The trick is to actually do it in mass, but there is where the average person will stop short — because they simply cannot imagine past that point and see into the unknown. 😉

                • I think what you describe is excellent…..and fits under my # 5.

                  A multi-facited approach is needed…thus strategizing. I’m Trying to take lessons from the Successful Tea Party Movement into the 2010 MidTerms as well as the subsequent silence from them. And from the recent Horror of rape in India and the successful media attention brought by their grass-roots groups.

                  I think #1-#5 would appeal to different groups on the left looking in and thus engages these different groups on their different levels…education….Media etc.

                  But the Civil disobedience you describe would be a welcome sign indeed !

          • Texas…..with Great respect…..I agree with you about what the Constitution says and about those people who have subverted it.

            But as I stated on another response similarly……By restating the Document we are not going to counter those intent on destroying it. We HOPE that those on the other side will somehow come to our view of things. And we are Aghast that things have gotten this bad…….and that, as Ron Paul said…”Why has Freedom been so hard to sell”?

            Those we have called the FSA and esp their Puppet-masters in the Progressive Press, Media, Gov’t and Education have installed THEIR version of what is Legal and Constitutional…..that is their interpretation of what Obama is.

            As such it is akin to this…..We stand there with our Copies of the Constitution, quoting it, living by it, They stare at us from across the street and snicker as they periodically come and put their hands in our pockets and take our property. They then enact laws which ( figurativly speakin) say we can only stand in more limited spaces, Chalk-lines drawn by Progressive legislators, while they continue to laugh as we Try to show them the Bill of Rights while their hand goes from one pocket to the other.

            We are hoping that at some point,they will somehow pull their hand out of our pocket….take the Constitution/Declaration/Bill of Rights from our hands read it and say……”Wait We have been wrong for taking their property and restricting their rights……we need to reverse our course and keep our hands to ourselves”……..This in essence is what the Conservatives ( Ann Coulter come to mind) are counting on…..some how everyone or enough will “come to their senses”.

            When actually THIS is what will have to happen…..We ( organized and Together ) will have to Grab them by the wrist and Take their Hand out of our pockets….and block their hands from returning to those pockets…..and refuse to limit ourselves to the “Chalk-lines” they drew for our freedoms….wash the metaphorical chalk from the streets.

            We as believers in the Original Constitution cannot ‘wish’ this away………the avenue of the 9th and 10th Amendments exist….they are not True if agreed to by “consensus”……….We have to enact them while we still Have them to enact !!

            • Don,
              Good analogy.

              What I keep hoping is “America” will one day, actually read the Constitution. Then, when they see actions such as;
              “a revenue bill which originated in the Senate”, or

              “an autopen signed” a bill, or

              “healthcare” which is sold as “a mandate”, which is really “a tax”, which emphasizes taxes, which is really a “revenue bill” which originated in the Senate …..

              Then I hope a majority will awaken and say “You can’t do that or this, and we aren’t going to take it anymore !”

              I realized nearly 20 years ago while I was studying Constitutional Law in Law School, that the Constitution really is easy to understand. It’s nothing more than a contract granted by “the People”, giving limited powers to a new authority in order to ensure America continued with the constant threat of England invading the Colonies.

              Natural Rights ? Natural Rights pre-exist the Constitution.


              All our G-d-given rights, natural rights, pre-exist the Constitution, and we as a free people still possess them.

              The Constitution merely grants limited powers the People gave them in order to create a Republic. Only those powers enumerated in the Constitution. Nothing more, nothing less.

              • Yes Yes Yes.

                But we have to Lead them to this now. Not Hope they will come to it on their own…….Thus some form of strategy to reducate while at the same time Reclaiming the Constitutional Republic. I feel, as I know Mark Levin does, that Our solution set lies more in the Realm of the States. But I feel we need Good Civil Changes as Joe describes at the same time as Media exposure at the same time as a focus on the Education or lack f it of the Constitution.

                It will take many Conservative Groups engaged at a Few key areas at the same time.

  4. Whether by ejection, secession or warfare it will be the only way we throw of the yoke of servitude to the progressive elites. I am prepared for whichever path it takes. I will not bow at their feet nor yield to their commands. Resist at all cost.

    A commenter named “biker Ben” said:
    “I don’t think there’s any real need to secede if the states can be convinced to repeal the 16th amendment which gives the federal government the right to tax individuals directly. The way things were supposed to work under our federalist form of government was that the states levied taxes, and decided how much to give the limited federal government. In that way, they, through their elected representatives, kept tight control over the federal government. If the federal government can tax individuals directly, we no longer have a federalist system.”

    Makes damn good sense to me.

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