I’ve been thinking about the things that divide us in this country and I think – once again – I’ve boiled it down to an “overly-simplistic” observation: good and evil simply cannot co-exist.

Now, I am fully aware that this post will cause a great deal of division, so, believe it or not, I have actually exercised a great deal of self-censorship in writing it. If you think this opinion is strongly stated, you can only imagine how much more so it would have been had I written what is truly in my heart. I also understand that there will be many of those whom I am about to discuss who will read these words and place themselves in the wrong category, and it is this very self-deception about which I write.

So, in contemplating what it is that actually divides us as a people, those most elemental reasons we should disagree so vehemently, I have deduced that it is really very simple: far too many Americans no longer recognize that objective reality exists, and that good and evil are a real part of that reality. So, in their blindness, far too many Americans have convinced themselves that evil is good and good is evil.

It is often said that those of us who lament that we are no longer the society we once were are repeating a lament made by every generation. We’re told that our parents said the same thing, and their parents before them, and those who object simply assume that those of us who lament are bleating about nothing. However, if you are over the age of forty, politically and socially awake and honest with yourself, you know that this is not the case because you can look back and see the decay in your own lifetime. Now I ask you, if you can see the same social decay that I see, how would you describe it if not a replacement of good with evil and evil with good?

Another thing I’ve noticed is that there is a concerted attack against the history and traditions of our society by those who seek to replace good with evil. Again, I would ask those of you who are awake to these attacks: what is a culture if not its history and traditions? And to what purpose does a people seek to hold on to its culture if not out of service to society itself? How does a society continue if it rejects its history and neglects its traditions? Those who attack our heritage do so with a self-assured proclamation that we have to “change our history, and change our traditions.” They make this claim out of the foolish notion that a people can purposely direct their cultural evolution in whatever direction they desire. I say this is not only folly, but the very epitome of evil, itself.

Those who attack our history and tradition replace good with evil for the sole purpose of satisfying their own selfish desires. It is narcissism in its purest form. They have no idea what they want or how to get it, but they are so sure of themselves that they would tear down everything that those who came before us have built. They claim the moral high ground while rejecting any moral judgment of themselves or their actions. And because they are convinced they hold the moral high ground, these people leave no room for compromise: it’s their way or nothing and they will destroy anyone and everyone they perceive as an obstacle because “they know” theirs is the greater cause. But in reality, all they do is destroy: they destroy everything for the wanton pursuit of some vague idea they themselves cannot put into words, cannot describe except in formless notions. So I ask you, if the willful destruction of society for the satisfaction of one’s own desire is not evil, what is?

And so it is that I have decided that, when we boil it all down, this is what lies at the heart of our problem: we have become a society or good and evil with no middle ground, and in such a society, neither side can co-exist.


  1. No, you are dead on target. I’ve been thinking about this tonight after reading this: and noticing how quickly the left will ally itself with anything and anybody as long as they oppose the right – they will embrace and excuse Islamist radicals and terrorists, murderers on death row, pedophiles, rapists, sociopath, atheists, Baal worshipers or any social deviant – the only requirement is that they oppose the right…and since the right predominately believes in God, I would say that the modern left is evil.

    • Utah,

      See, and I tried so hard NOT to put this post in terms of those who believe in God and those who don’t, but you just HAD to go and bust up the game. But you are correct: that is the real divide. It explains everything we’re seeing in the entire world today.

  2. Our current state of affairs is the result of LIES and INDOCTRINATION.

    Not laziness on the part of Americans. Trickery, treachery, and deceit on the part of the Marxists.

    For me, It feels like, ALL the TIME, in social settings, when I begin explaining to people that what they think they KNOW and UNDERSTAND, is UNTRUE, they are literally speechless.

    For the first time in my life, though, people are listening, and asking questions…… Instead of accusing me of being condescending or a “know it all” or a “right wing nut” or a “republican” etc., because now, I understand where those attacks came from, Cultural Marxism, and I bury their indoctrinated responses immediately, leaving them with no “ammo” to come back at me with….

  3. Joe, Utah,

    I am thinking about describing things as EVIL.

    DARKNESS and LIGHT are more accurate in description for the majority. And more palatable for cracking open the vault door of the “cage” in which the followers reside.

    The Statist/Marxists are EVIL, as they know what they do, and cover their followers in LIES, DECEIT in order to “convert” them to their support.

    However, the majority of the Democrat/Statist/Marxist followers are merely covered in DARKNESS, as they were TRICKED into believing what they believe; some, many, or most, will HUNGER for TRUTH, once they get past the shock of realizing “everything” they believed, are in fact LIES.

    There is nothing as powerful as the SCORN of a VICTIM of FRAUD seeking JUSTICE for the wrongs inflicted upon them and their loved ones.

    So we will continue to shine the candlelight of TRUTH upon them in hopes our candlelight will join with others until she becomes a BEACON of TRUTH.

  4. I don’t normally lurk (or troll) on leftist sites, but went to one yesterday to see what sort of things they were saying. I was surprised that it didn’t make me angry. Rather it made me really really sad.

    The Patient Husband keeps telling me “you haven’t lost any freedoms.” And I can’t deny that one does have the freedoms one is willing to take by force. But it seems that an undeniable sea change has taken place.

    • Sally,

      I would agree with you, and I would strongly disagree with the assertion that we haven’t lost any freedoms. Just try riding a bike without a helmet in the wrong city, or not wearing a seat belt in your car, or not putting your child in a car seat, or smoking in sight of a cigaret nazi. We’ve lost so many freedoms it’s frightening. I fear what the patient husband means is we haven’t lost any he finds worth fighting for, and when too many os us feel that way, we’ll lose all of them — the ones he cherishes as well as those he doesn’t.

      (offered with respect and understanding, but still with the unwavering and unyielding assertion of correctness 🙂 )

      • Joe, I disagree with the Patient Husband in this case and agree with you. Knowing him for so long, I think it’s his way of dealing with it. He’s dropping out. He turns to God, praying and reading. Whereas I want to fight. So I’m getting in shape, practicing my marksmanship and trying to figure out how to effect change without becoming evil.

        Interesting you mention helmet laws…surprisingly The People’s Republic of Illinois has NO Helmet law. We lived there a few years ago. I had read something about police in Missouri not being able to stop you without probable cause. They could ticket someone for not having a helmet on only if they stopped them for something else (speeding, turn signal, etc).

        So one day, the PH and I were invited to a BBQ in a western suburb of St. Louis and it was a nice day…so we hop on the motorcycles and decide to go helmetless. Sitting at a stoplight, we see a cop. He flips on the lights, crosses four lanes of oncoming traffic and waves us over with a “Fish in a Barrel” look on his face.

        We pull over to the side and I meet him at the back of my bike, and before he can say anything, I say “Why did you pull us over?”

        Of course, he says, “You’re NOT WEARING ANY HELMETS!”

        I said, “You can’t pull us over for that. You have to have something else as probable cause. What’s your probable cause?”

        And, with smoke coming out of his ears, he says, “YOU’RE NOT WEARING ANY HELMETS!”

        I stood there arguing with this cop for ten minutes, while the PH stands by, wildly amused. Cop threatens ticket. I say fine, we’ll see you in court. He takes my license back to his car, and a few minutes later brings it back.

        He tells us he has an emergency call and we should get the hell back to Illinois where we belong…

        One of my favorite getting stopped by cops stories…

    • Being FORCED to purchase a product under Obamacare is a loss of Freedom………..The Patriot act defining people who don’t want there money in the bank,and/or have storage of a number of months in canned food as hoarders of Food and Money is a loss of Freedom……the NDAA being able to Hold ANYONE for ANY REASON for an INDEFINTE amount of time without representation or without having to even accknowledge they are in detention….is a HUGE loos of Freedom.

      How is this like it it was 20…30…40 years ago ??

  5. Good and Evil are broad terms and hard to define. In the USA we have diversity of people. Each area of the USA has it’s value and norms. The western USA does not think like the people from the east coast of the USA. There are some religions that I will not consider as “good”, and I definately do not consider them to be main stream Christians. So, we need to adhere to the laws of the USA. Be productive members of society. Be honest with ourselves and our fellow Americans.

    • Debrajoe,

      So, we need to adhere to the laws of the USA. Be productive members of society. Be honest with ourselves and our fellow Americans.

      Isn’t that what the Germans were doing in the 1930’s? So, should we NOT call them evil because they were just doing what they thought best? And because we shouldn’t judge them by our standards? Or can you see that you are thinking along the very lines I am speaking against: the same lines that have found us — as a world — where we are today?

    • This administration and the one preceeding DID NOT and DOES NOT adhere to the Laws of the USA. Nor do the Bankers who support them… Jon Corzine is STILL not in jail…indeed where is HE ??

      Good and Evil ARE NOT broad terms…..except to Progressives who want to change the Culture and Society to favor them. You are quoting Cultural Relativism when you don’t acknowlege Good and Evil. And you are substituting “The State” as the arbitor of Good and Evil with your last sentence. The sentiment expressed in it is Pretty much out of Orwell’s 1984.

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