Is an hour of your time worth it?

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, A tale of a fateful trip

That started from this tropic port Aboard this tiny ship.

This video is 1 hour in length.  You need to take off your republican hat, your pissed off American hat, your secessionist hat off … listen and watch.

You are as tired of the futility that has been played out in front of us for the last 25 years.  Watch, take the time.  Really put you undivided attention and actively listen and watch this video.  The established organizations we belong to do not have the answers to solve the BIG picture problems that plagues us.

You know it in your heart because it eats at you and somehow you just can’t put your finger on it but you know its there and it gnaws at you.

While this video is not the ultimate way out…. it does provide a seed that if planted by enough people who truly believe there is a problem and those in charge now have no clue how to solve it, there might be a way forward to a truly American future.  Please give it an honest look.  Thanks

14 thoughts on “Is an hour of your time worth it?

  1. This is a great video, should be shown at EVERY Tea Party meeting as I showed it at mine.

    Problem is, we MUST rid the Republican party of the Moderates (AKA: Establishment) and how do we do that? As he stated, we IGNORE THEM. We create our own force without a party and completely throw the establishment on both side off!

    Just we did in the Tea Party and continue to do we just make change happen without and despite party. If the Republican party happens to be our predominant home of Conservatives then fine, but that is NO LONGER the requirement because we have Independents, Conservatives and Libertarians all that view their political job form the lens of the Constitution FIRST AND FOREMOST.

      • Yes, and it starts with DE-FUNDING the party system. STOP sending money to the establishment, send it to the individual you like. This alone without any campaign finance reform or any other establishment BS will do exactly what we want… take the money out of DC and politics and return it to the local city and state where it belongs. Even without abolishing the 17th Amendment, which must be done at some point, but by stopping the party funding we do just that, we neuter the 17th Amendment by force.

  2. Fact is and its not rooted in fact at all…. Conservative = Republican. That is completely false. Conservative = Conservative.

    This doesn’t happen from the top down but from the bottom up.

    What most haven’t figured out yet is they are out there and they want you and ALL your stuff.

    “Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you.”

  3. Respectfully,
    We all must begin speaking accurate language. Before becoming acquainted with Joe and Utah, I described myself as a “conservative” and was even a fan of George Bush. (no longer with TARP).

    If you agree with Joe’s description of America’s dream, as espoused by our Declaration of Independence, (as I do)

    then you are a liberal, a classical liberal, or a Constitutional Moderate. (I created and used the terminology of “Thomas Jeffersonian” in my earlier years)

    Calling us a “conservative” is akin to calling a person of color the “n word”.
    The Marxists/Statists/Democrats, who call themselves “liberals”, are being derogatory, when they call us conservatives and lieing to their current and future supporters as to who they really are.

    We aren’t conservatives in the historical, true or original usage of these words.

    So we must educate all the “undecideds” around us of the invisible “mental cage” they are in. And that begins with educating them on the incorrectness of their terminology and their “name calling”.

    • Call yourself whatever the heck you want… the point is we must take back the culture…. the AMERICAN culture. You can self identify how ever you want…. just know that the program is about to change.

    • Respectfully,

      Conservative means you believe in conserving the Constitution as written, not falling for the neo-Liberal call to have a “New” and “Living” Constitution.
      You are falling prey to the Left’s claiming ownership of the language… are letting THEM define us….and there is no end to THAT game. They will just demonize any new term or designation…………the Marxist/Statist/Democrats are derogatory about everyone and everything….including their own members who stray too far from the path.

      We must be clear about WHAT we want and How to get it…..not get caught up in the Liberal Left’s word games. I believe Jefferson and the Founders would identify themselves with Constitutional Conservatism today given the political landscape……being that the Term Liberal has effectively left the farm and today stands for Lawlessness, anti-Constitutionalism and Cultural Relativism.

      I am Proudly a Constitutional Conservative and an Originalist….I believe in Jeffersonian Principles…and individual and States rights…………and I am most definitely NOT A LIBERAL……..( not every political change is a good one ).

  4. The Republican Party today is what the Democrat Party was 50 years ago. I like the American Party mantra. Proud to be an American. The only problem is which American Party. North, Central or South American. Don’t forget the Canadian North American Party. I know, I know it’s a geographic thing. How about the United States Party? The Freedom Party? The Liberty Party? Or all of the above.

    • Something with the Constiitution associated with it…….Constitutional Conservative…..American Constitution Party…..Perhaps.

      The Main thing is we DO NOT let the LEFT define us, our values, our goals or what WE call our beliefs. There is no doudt that the GOP is loosing Conservatives though.

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