Now: Jail Time If You Offend On Facebook

Vernon County, WisconsinApparently some regressives think that if you offend someone you deserve to spend some time in the pokey.  Now just writing this post would probably have me invited to the local lockup if I lived in Vernon County, Wisconsin.

Now while annoying, offensive people still have a First Amendment right to free speech, with in the bounds of as long as it is not incitement to immediate unlawful conduct, obscene, child pornography, a threat, or fighting words.  That being said, Barack Obama’s latest weekly address was highly offensive, as most of  what he stated was outright falsehoods, or lies as the “flyover people” call it.  But these folks are implementing new “cyber-bullying” laws.  Problem is that the have failed to make the laws about specific things and are thus vague in nature. So it leaves things to be handled like a judgement call from an NHL referee, whose motto is “Be consistently inconsistent.”  Not something you want in a law that can cost you $50 to $500 fine — or, if the fine isn’t paid, up to 30 days in jail!

From the Heritage’s Daniel Dew

Putting First Amendment issues aside, the statute still fails to pass constitutional muster. For a criminal law to be constitutional, it must be written so that the average citizen can know what the law prohibits. If a law is too vague, it is void. This principle is appropriately called the “Void for Vagueness Doctrine.”

Does the Vernon County ordinance clearly state what conduct is prohibited? What does “annoy” mean? What does “offend” mean? What about “humiliate”? These things can mean different things to different people. As one commentator noted, the officials who implemented this law probably find criticism of the law offensive.

What if a person finds religious teachings offensive and an individual is constantly posting religious messages on his Facebook page?

When the ordinance was being debated, the lawyer in favor of the ordinance said specifically that this would apply to Facebook posts. When siblings or friends post unflattering pictures of each other on their Facebook walls, are they criminals? If it was done, as is often the case, with the intent to annoy or humiliate the other, under this law that person might be heading for the slammer.

This is the same old agenda from the “tolerant” regressive leftists.  They are all for “free speech” as long as you agree with their myopic views on life, death and the hereafter. So the “Bill of Rights” seems to be under attack from the regressives.  Be on guard… Freedom is not free.  And just because Nancy Pelosi think we live in a Democracy shows how ignorant she truly is…. we live in a Republic!  Let us always remember that.

Republican governments could be supported only by pure Religion or Austere Morals. Public virtue cannot exist in a Nation without private Virtue, and public Virtue is the only Foundation of Republics. (John Adams, 1775.)

8 thoughts on “Now: Jail Time If You Offend On Facebook

  1. This is a GREAT post HockeyFather. The Left is chipping away at the First amendment in a small local area, getting their foot in the door. Because of the Dumbed down population this passes by almost without notice. The sheeple quote their shool propaganda of “Fairness” “right to not be offended” “hate-crime”…and on and on. Ten years ago even there would have been a HUGE outcry of Censorship and anti-Free speech laws being passed…..and there being no Constitutional authority to do so.

    No one person or agency ( Local or Federal ) has the right or authority to take away anyone’s Constitutional rights. And the posting Policy of a Private Company (FaceBook) is between the Company and the User.

    This is So completely wrong on so many levels….it seems it could be a perfect Tool to teach the young users of Facebook just WHAT free speech actaully means !!

    • HD,

      I understand, and I certainly do NOT want to take away from your site. However, what I would like to do is concentrate as much of this caliber of material as I can on this site: not because Utah asked me to run it, but because it is already well established and I would like to use that foundation to amplify our collective voices.

      I think you’ll understand. I want to see all of us entrusted with the RNL step up and raise the bar on ourselves. Speaking only for myself, I see it as our way of serving our nation and our fellow man. And I think posts like the one you have here are a great start in that direction 🙂

  2. This post reminds me of a site I was just at. So the chick posted this “Is racism still alive?” post and included a video of this comedian (not funny) telling jokes and then doing this routine where he parodies that Asian fella that did infomercials. So some Asian fella in the audience gets up and belts him one.

    The girl then asked, “Were his actions justified.” Here is the irony. The very same people that have been bitching and moaning about guns are now on this “Yes, he had every right to punch him.” It was a WTF moment for me.

    My comment to her was that he wasn’t funny, but if you don’t like a performer…….ring-a-ding-ding……LEAVE! (or something to that effect.)

    Daddy, what you are pointing out comes down to “do what I say, not what I do.” It’s running rampant……

    • This is something that we should be repeating. Your example is one of a long line of leftist violence. OWS, Michigan Union Thugs, Wisconsin Union Thugs…etc.

      We should point out at every opportunity that the Left Loves to employ Violence……simple as that, violent speech ( Trumka and Hoffa as examples)…and physical violence…..This fact should become a Mantra of the Conservatives…we have to make the left OWN it, especially in the eyes of the Youth !!

  3. Excellent post, HockeyDad. As I was reading this, what suddenly came to my mind was the U.N. Human Rights document, which lists all the rights they supposedly want people to have, but then basically says you have no rights if you offend anybody!

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