Politically Correct “Water Torture” From The Islamists

You know how the Chinese water torture routine goes, right? You tie someone down and drip water on their head: drip — by drip — by drip — until they crack or go crazy (or both). Well, this is how the progressives work: by slowly applying politically correct pressure until you give in to their demands. Then they gobble up what you give them and make a new demand. This is when the dripping starts all over again.

Well, guess what? It’s starting from the ranks of America’s enemies this time (I guess I should say America’s enemies, but the allies of the American Left — per Al Gore and company selling his cable network to Al Jazeera):

War on Words: CAIR Asks Journalists to Stop Using the Term ‘Islamist’

This is exactly how Islam teaches its followers to wage cultural Jihad, and they are being welcomed in to our nation, to the ownership of our social institutions and into positions of influence and power in the halls of our government. But before you try to apply any of those progressive PC censorship techniques against me by trying to label me as “Islamophobic,” don’t waste your time. I do not fear Muslims, nor do I fear Islam. I merely recognize that the tenants of Islam are totally and irreconcilably opposed to the ideals and principles set forth in the U.S. Declaration of Independence. From there, it logically follows that only one of the two ideologies can shape this culture and govern this country. I’m just daring to state the obvious, that’s all.

7 thoughts on “Politically Correct “Water Torture” From The Islamists

    • Aw, come on, Dusty,

      You know Melfamy isn’t a Muslim, or even an Islamic sympathizer — not really. He just has some irrational need to object to everything we say. The real sad part is that, no matter how much objective evidence you throw at him, once he’s dug his heels in, he won’t budge. He’d rather go down with the ship and drag everyone else with him instead.

      • “…….You know Melfamy isn’t a Muslim, or even an Islamic sympathizer ……”

        About this Joe….I must repectfully , but Strongly disagree.

        • Don,

          I know Greg. In fact, I thought I had gotten to know him fairly well. You may be right, but I think the problem is closer to Greg actually having to face the realization that everything he’s believed his whole life has been wrong — built on lies. Some people can deal with this sort of shock but others — like Greg — refuse to face it and chose to double-down on what they’ve always known. This is where I think Greg is, but again, you could be right.

  1. I have a theory that the media also decided to stop spelling Osama Bin Ladin’s name “Osama” because it looks a little too much like Obama. Another drip drip drip…

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