A Flashback to 1994: Gun Control through the “Way Back Time Machine”

When I saw this story this morning:

Buchanan: “There Would Be A Revolution” If Government Confiscated Weapons

I was reminded of a story I heard Rush Limbaugh read from a gun magazine back in 1994 (and I suspect Buchanan remembers it as well — because he was “in the loop” at the time). The story was of a member of a gun rights lobby re-telling the events of a meeting they had with then Senator Dole and a bunch of other politicians debating gun legislation. After the meeting, the narrator of the story relates that he spoke with Sen. Dole and told him that, if the government were ever to try to take our weapons, they would resist with force. The narrator went on to remind Sen. Dole that the majority of the people in their lobbying interest and their membership were former military — just like him. But he also reminded Dole that they were also the business owners and professionals who make society work so, if the government kills or imprisons them, the government would then have to deal with the resulting collapse of society. The narrator claims he then turned and left Sen. Dole without waiting for a response.

The narrator ended the story by telling the reader that some time after this meeting, one of Sen. Dole’s aides called him back to follow-up on the conversation. Apparently, his comments to Dole shook the Senator a bit more than was first realized. According to the narrator, the Senator’s aide told him that Dole and the rest of the Senate sub-committee had never even contemplated that the people would resist with force, let alone the ramifications of what it would mean were the government to try to enforce arms collection.

What I got from this story was two-fold. First, beyond any doubt in my mind, the goal in Washington is to take our weapons — all of our weapons. But second, the people in Washington honestly do not know or understand the American people. They have come to believe their own thinking without ever giving any thought to the reality of how well theory works when it actually meets reality.

7 thoughts on “A Flashback to 1994: Gun Control through the “Way Back Time Machine”

  1. What a difference nearly two decades makes in the minds of people (if ya know what I mean and I think that ya do.) I would bet you that nearly half of this nation would support gun confiscation. Troll, turtle-pie; you’ll see what I’m talkin about.

      • I do not think all democrats are nut jobs. I really believe they are trying to stick with their party, much as what the republicans are trying to do. Personally, I believe there are four factions; two to each party.

        • Kells,

          See, you still have a touch of Progressive in you. Did I say anything about Democrats? So why did you reply as though I had?

          Come on, you can do better than that 🙂

          • Look here, pal Joey, the Democratic (progressive) party is split into two factions (semi-progressive and nut-case progressive.) The Republican party is as well (semi-progessive and full-blown conservative.) How the hello that gives me a pinch o progressive, I’ll not know. Et pour tu, mon petit: 🙄

    • Oath? What good is an oath when you don’t believe in God? You might as well be swearing allegiance to the tooth fairy (that last part was in honor of Bill Maher and company 😉 )

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