Drip, Drip, Drip: the Islamic PC Water Torture Continues

This story:

‘My Jihad’: CAIR Ad Campaign Tries to Rebrand ‘Jihad’ as a Positive Word

Is a continuation of the process I described in this post:

Politically Correct “Water Torture” From The Islamists

Does it matter that Muhammad said that Allah said Jihad is the total commitment of a Muslim’s money and life to the forced spread of Islam?  That’s not my “opinion,” it’s the word of Muhammad, it’s in the Qur’an and Hadith.

Now, before you dismiss any of this as much to do about nothing, I would remind you that CAIR is an indicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorist trial in this nation’s history. CAIR is also intimately connected to the current Administration and has members inside the highest levels of our government. Now how could that possibly be a problem?

5 thoughts on “Drip, Drip, Drip: the Islamic PC Water Torture Continues

  1. Anything to do with muslims is a problem. Obama has led this evil to this country. He is not done he has waged Jihad against anyone and anything American. The threat is real and they are working from the inside out the muslims brotherhood visits Obama regularly and the deaths have only just begun. Wonder about that ammo buy via DHS it all plays into this.

  2. Water torture — waa, waa…cry me a river. We’re talking about interrogating barbarians. I don’t care what happens to them — they’re on the wrong side of right. Torture is cutting the head off a living human being in front of a video camera.

    These sorry excuse for humans need to forced to talk and then dead.

      • Not exactly “missed” it… just made my own. lol
        CAIR is a terrorist supporting group in America, that shouldn’t be allowed much less, in the W.H. cohorting and comrading with our “first muslim president”, but they do.
        Americans who love America should continue to ‘jihad’ them into irrelevancy and demise. That one part of the isalmic lunacy we can support.

        • Righty,

          Oh, we are in agreement. Have you gone back and read what I’ve posted about Islam yet? If you haven’t, and you have some time, you should check them out. I tagged them under the category of Islam to help make them easier to find.

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