Somebody Needs To Pay For All My Children

Angel Adams get one thing right: somebody needs to be held accountable – her.

9 thoughts on “Somebody Needs To Pay For All My Children

  1. Her kids her responsibility NO ONE else’s. This is just stupid and so is she to think anyone wants to pay for her kids. She better get her crap together or maybe she will lose some of those kids.

  2. If I remember correctly this video was posted a couple of years ago. Looks awful familiar. Still does portray a realistic picture of. What is happening all over the country and what we are all paying for.

  3. San Francisco, in it’s infinite wisdom just handed out Obama phones to all the homeless “so they can stay in touch for that important call about a job”. The fact they haven’t worked in 20 years is obviously not an issue.

  4. I come from a family of twelve children. I’m the eleventh.

    My mom took care of us and ran my dad back and forth to the VA hospital (a WWIi vet, he died of cancer when I was 8). We had that funny purple money for a little while, and my mom got some VA and SS benefits. But she also went back to college and got her LPN degree and supported us so that we all graduated high school and stayed out of jail.

    I started with babysitting and part time (cash) jobs when I was ten. We all had jobs. Cook, mechanic, gas station attendant, waitress, busboy, cashier, janitor, you name it, one of us did it.

    My mom’s 92 now and kinda fragile. But she’s the toughest old lady you’d ever meet. And the nicest. Every Sunday at noon, at least eight of us all trot our asses over to her house for a potluck lunch–and leave some leftovers so she doesn’t have to cook too much.

    The “mother” on this video? Pah. She ain’t fit to shine my momma’s shoes.

  5. What a scumbag. Not just to steal the money… but to immediately turn around and dole out the looted cash to your kids? Not exactly mother-of-the-year territory.

    And here we see the problem: the Death of Shame. We’ve devolved into a society where it’s perfectly acceptable to “get mine” and loot from anybody you can. Earning it is for suckers.

    Woman finds lost wallet, gives out cash to her kids

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