The UK Independent Critically And Honestly Examines A Murder In New York

Just kidding…they were just as biased and predictable as the American media. The UK press has been amusing itself a lot lately by reporting on the “gun culture” in Colonies – proof that we are gun-toting, retrograde troglodytes as compared to them. To do so they must ignore the fact that the strict UK gun laws in place at the time did not stop the 1996 Dunblane school shooting that killed 16 kids and 1 adult and the even stricter laws that were enacted after that did not stop the 2010 shooting in Cumbria where a lone gunman, Derrick Bird, killed 12 people and injured 11 others before killing himself.

This is also a country where one incident of football (soccer) hooliganism in Hillsbourough killed 96 people and injured 766 in less time than it took the Sandy Hook tragedy to occur.

For those who are counting, the death toll here is more than the total of all school shootings in the history of America – yet they didn’t outlaw footie.

So somewhat unsurprisingly, out of the UK in today’s Independent we get the tragic story of a 16 year-old in New York who was a clear victim of the American culture of gun violence:

A 16-year-old boy posted the words ‘I’m dead’ on his Facebook page just hours before he was shot and killed by a gang of muggers.

According to New York police, Raphael Ward was shot in the chest for refusing to hand over his $600 winter parka jacket to a masked mugger in the city’s Lower East Side district.

The attack took place in temperatures as low as 0 degrees Celsius, at roughly 9pm last Friday, in front of the Dewitt Reformed Church on Rivington Street.

The church is just a short walk from Columbia Street, where Ward lived with his mother and seven-year-old brother.

From this, the Independent focuses on the gun, of course, by quoting the Democrat Sate Senator for the district:

State Senator Daniel Squadron said: “’We must continue to work together as a community to fight the scourge of gun violence and make our homes and our streets safer for our families.”

“From stronger gun laws to improved safety at NYCHA developments, we are reminded far too often that the time to act is now,’ Squadron added.


First of all, I’ll say this – as I did in the Trayvon Martin case – anytime a kid is killed, it is a tragedy.

But let’s look a little deeper.

  • The Independent notes that Ward had a juvenile record, having one prior arrest, in November 2011 for possession of marijuana and trespassing
  • According to the New York Daily News, Ward lived with his single mother and a brother in a Baruch Houses apartment.
  • The Baruch Houses are a low income, public housing complex.
  • Ward was a “good kid”, at least according to an established authority, his childhood friend Will Claudio who maintained Ward was a ‘real good kid’.
  • The Independent says “According to reports, the mugger approached Ward and demanded his $600 Marmot coat” – so the alleged motivation for the murder was Ward’s coat.

Not coincidentally, the conclusion that the Independent and the Democratic State Senator both arrive at is that this just has to be the fault of guns and lax gun laws, the Senator writing on his website:

We must continue to work together as a community to fight the scourge of gun violence and make our homes and our streets safer for our families. From stronger gun laws to improved safety at NYCHA developments, we are reminded far too often that the time to act is now.

But on the heels of the Sandy Hook shooting, Democrats and liberals will stand on any grave to tout their tyrannical agenda, I guess. I would expect no less.

Does it seem a little strange that the Senator and the media immediately discount that the kid was:

  • From a low income, single parent home
  • Lived in a crime ridden area, in public housing
  • Had a recent conviction for drug possession and trespassing
  • Was wearing a $600 Marmot parka

My first question would not be: “was the gun licensed?” It would be: “what the Hell is a poor kid from the projects, living with his single mother, doing with a $600 coat and how did he get it?” I think that there just might be other motivations for the shooting and that it might not have just been the coat. Perhaps how Ward came about the coat in the first place might just have a little to do with it.

But that is not even questioned in the world of the blissfully ignorant liberal. That would not fit the approved narrative. It obviously must be the gun that is the issue – not drugs, not welfare dependency, not crime – guns.

You really have to dismiss a lot of things to arrive at the conclusion that this situation was caused because there isn’t enough gun regulation.

I’m sorry but it seems to me that gun control is likely to be the least of the concerns here.

2 thoughts on “The UK Independent Critically And Honestly Examines A Murder In New York

  1. Spot on. I converse with Brits quite often on the writers’ site Authonomy and they’re all convinced that guns are the real problem while conveniently ignoring their own history. When I pointed out that the Clackamas Mall shooting was thwarted by a concealed carry holder, they insisted that couldn’t possibly have been the reason why. When I added that a Denver church shooting was stopped after two deaths by a concealed carry holder they said “Oh, she’s just lucky she didn’t hit an innocent bystander.” When you I admitted to owning guns and teaching my children to shoot, I really noted some hostility on their part. How dare I teach my daughter how to defend herself as my mother taught me and wasn’t I worried that my son might show my guns to his friends and someone get shot … as if we just leave loaded guns lying around on the kitchen table and my son and his friends (all Alaskan kids raised around hunting and guns) don’t know not to touch a gun without an adult present or to always keep it pointed in a safe direction even when allowed to handle a fire arm. It’s amazing how really ignorant people are on the subject.

    Personally, I think we ought to outlaw subways because 54 New Yorkers have been killed in 2012 by somehow falling in front of subway trains. These deaths will never end until we eliminate the weapon of choice.

  2. As I understand it, more “Brits” are having a go a “gun carnage” then is transpiring here in the Colonies. Since the cowardly Brits are afraid of guns (or ppl defending themselves) their murder rate is something like 3 or 4 times higher than ours. Aren’t the Colonist glad we left one of the murder capitals of world and fled to the open land to be known as the USA where we will fight to retrain our RIGHT to protect ourselves and shoot the occasional rodent.

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