Hitler? He Could Never Happen Here — We’re ‘AmeriKans’

Once again, I want you to understand that i am not making a direct comparison between the individuals in these stories, but to the pattern of behavior that is being repeated. That said, I would actually agree: Hitler could never happen in America. The problem — however — is that we are no longer America, we are Amerika. There is a huge difference.

With that said, have you seen this story or video?

Video: Chicago Teachers Union President Talks About Killing The Rich, Crowd Laughs

Now, let me ask you a serious question: have you ever taken time to read any of Hitler’s speeches — especially those about the Jews, bankers and/or ‘the rich?’ You should take the time to do so. English translations are easy to find. Read a few, then watch the video of Karen Lewis again and, while you should pay attention to the similarities in what they are saying and how they say it, you should pay much closer attention to the way the audiences react to their words. That reaction is why I say we are no longer America, but Amerika.

8 thoughts on “Hitler? He Could Never Happen Here — We’re ‘AmeriKans’

  1. Good post, B3A. Depressing, obviously, but still:

    Even having been raised in a Progressive/Liberal town, in a Progressive/Liberal state, and having received degrees from a pair of Progressive/Liberal colleges…
    ….these folks are just beyond belief, even to me.

    This, the video/cartoon with Ed Asner, the now-eternal struggle to thwart off the next “Fiscal Cliff!!”, the triple-talk about the facts about Obamacare, etc.,..
    It’s everywhere, and it’s constant.

    I’m glad I don’t drink, ’cause otherwise I’d have crawled into a bottle and stayed there by now.

  2. I just finished a 15-year stint with community mental health as an administrator. A couple of our saner clinicians diagnosed Barack Obama with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I’ve found nothing in the man’s behavior over the last four years to convince me they were wrong. But, here’s the salient point. If you google Hitler Personality Disorder, it most often comes up with Narcissism.

    No, we would never elect a screaming sociopath as our leader and follow him lockstep into genocide. Neither did Germany. The screaming sociopath didn’t show to most of the country until after he’d been elected and the genocide followed. What makes we Americans think we couldn’t elect a smooth-talking narcissist who asserts his own agenda until we no longer recognize our own country? Do we really think we’re that smart? I don’t.

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