Laying the Foundations for Mass Control of the Population

Whether by accident or intent, there is a direct, unmistakeable connection between Orwell’s 1984 and this story:

Panasonic’s TVs Can Recognize a Face

Which leads those of us who still understand and embrace individual rights and liberty to say:


And before you try to tell anyone that the govt. will not use your TV’s ability to watch and recognize you, remember that they are now using your cell phone to track and monitor you, and they do that without warrants or oversight.  So, be honest with yourself: do you really think they won’t be watching you in your living rooms and bedrooms in the very near future?  And do you think they’ll bother requiring themselves to bother with warrants or oversight to do that, either?

8 thoughts on “Laying the Foundations for Mass Control of the Population

  1. This could be an incentive to turn the fool thing off, but on the other hand %#$@!!. Which reminds me why we have the 2nd Amendment in the first place — and it wasn’t to shoot at squirrels.

  2. Agreed. And I believe the satellite TV companies can AT LEAST determine channel and show ratings by relative signal strength, if not by direct data collection. Not that Uncle Maobama cares what we watch (yet), but combined with facial recognition TV, who knows what will be next.

    And the built-in GPS in new cars…they can’t watch you there, but they can download the information. And with probable cause (as determined in the field by the officer) they wouldn’t need a warrant.

    I have this sudden image of voluptuous cheerleeders dancing and shaking pom-poms and shouting “Go Galt!”

    Be sure to check out my spring collection of tin foil hats available shortly on ebay. 🙂

  3. Kells, the USDOT has proposed GPS equipment on all cars to track the miles driven for taxation purposes. Several state DOTS suggested they’d need to know when the cars crossed state lines so as not to tax people improperly. The ACLU has promised to fight it. It’s a weird, weird world when constitutionalists find themselves agreeing with the ACLU.

      • After a decade and a half with raving liberals for coworkers (not all, but 80%), DOT has been a nice change. By far a much more conservative crowd. And AK DOT thinks this is a bad idea, but when you read the transportation industry publications, nobody seems to think this is bad. What … it’s just a convenient way to collect taxes for transportation projects. How could there possibly be unintended consequences to it?

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