An Example of How to Start a Successful “Third Party,” or “Third Way”

I was watching the archive for yesterday’s GBTV show when it dawned on me:

Here is the proof that all those telling us the only way to succeed at affecting political change is to take over the Republican Party.

Glenn Beck ran into interference with CNN and then FOX.  neither network would allow him to do what he wanted to do the way he wanted to do it.  Most likely, it is because of their advertising driven business model, but the networks’ political agendas no doubt factored into the equation as well.  So what did Beck do?  Did he try to “take over” a network from within?  Well, Al Gore said he would rather sell to this nation’s enemies because he was “more politically aligned” with Al Jazeera than he is with Glenn beck, and American.  So no, Beck wasn’t able to take over another network.

But did Glenn just give up?  Nope.  He did what all real Americans have always done: he found another way to do what he wanted to do.  In this case, he started another network.  he also started to study other pioneers so he could learn from how they succeeded.  One of the people he claims he has learned the most from is Walt Disney.  And now, when they are honest, the “insiders” in main stream media are admitting that — like him or not — Glenn is showing us the future of media.  The New York Times even wrote a begrudging article admitting as much.

But there’s more.  Glenn realized that advertising has become a major influence on what can and can’t be done in the media, so he is re-inventing the way adverting will work on his networks.  I believe he will not only succeed with what he was describing in last nights GBTV show, I suspect he will develop very loyal advertisers who will — in effect — form a mutually beneficial co-op with Beck’s network(s).  In many ways, this advance is a return to the way things used to work, when we still had a free market and not a controlled economy.

I believe there is a lesson in all of this for those of us who want to affect real change in our political system as well as the direction of the country.  It isn’t that we need to take over the republican Party.  Limbaugh has been leading that charge for over 20 years and he is no closer to success than when he started.  Nor do we need to start a third Party.  Perot proved that doesn’t work, either.  but Beck has shown us that thinking out of the box can and does work, and the TEA Party showed us that we can have a movement that has no Party.  beck is changing the future by going back to the past — just as the TEA Party did: they returned us to the politics of our founders.  They returned us to a time where were acted like and treated each other as individuals and we all focused on the principles of an issue and not on the groups politics in play. 

So I think this is the direction we should seek to push the nation, and we should do it by urging people to quit their Party, no matter what letter it may be.  This will starve all the Parties of their political power.  the I believe we should concentrate on local government, and do so by focusing on the issues — not the groups.  Finally, I think the primary issues at hand need to be individual rights, liberty and the rule of law.  We need to re-learn what these are and then start insisting they be followed and that those politicians who refuse to do so be removed by ballot or by the criminal process for those who are corrupt. 

To be sure, we’ll need to figure things out along the way, but to me, this seems to me a better rout than the one we’ve been traveling my entire adult life.  What say you?

19 thoughts on “An Example of How to Start a Successful “Third Party,” or “Third Way”

  1. My complaint about the Tea Party is that they do not adhere to their mission statement. That gets them in trouble. Social Issues are solved by a return to State’s Rights. He who controls the purse strings holds the power, and individual citizens lost their power when our Federal government took over the purse strings. Returning control of the money to local and state levels will make a huge difference in individual rights, liberty, and the rule of law. Without State’s Rights there is only hollow control – which means no control.

    • AW,

      You’ll get no argument from me, but that isn’t going to happen without a fight, and the only fight that will force the States to stand up again is the one I mentioned: the local fight.

      At least, this is how I see it. But I’m a former Marine. We tend to see one path to every objective: the shortest one! 😉

      • Seems to me we need to get Evangelicals to understand that the way solve Social Issues is through a return to State’s Rights. Have to come up with a way to move them out of the ruts onto a new trail.

        • I really like this article and the comments. But AW….the Evangelicals couldn’t even come out in force to Vote for Controlling the Federal Gov’t ( which Romney represented)….I’m assuming by rut you mean Evangelicals thinking change is only meaningful when it is directed at the Top ( Fed Gov’t ).

          I’m starting to wonder whether there even IS an large Eveangelical vote anymore ???…..Supposedly HALF the Catholics voted for Obama or didn’t vote at all.

          • Don,

            We have to remember that the Progressives intentionally went after our Churches. They knew they had to either co-opt them, or undermine them. The whole “social justice” non-sense in the Catholic Church is a product of progressive infiltration. In large part, the Christian Churches that are announcing their acceptance of homosexuality testify to how successful their efforts have been in undermining the Church.

            What we need to do is remind the Church of how intimately our founders told us that our faith and liberty are connected. Here, I’ll share some observations from closer to their time:

            “Liberty cannot be established without morality, nor morality without faith.”

            “The Americans combine the notions of religion and liberty so intimately in their minds, that it is impossible to make them conceive of one without the other.”

            “Religion in America takes no direct part in the government of society, but it must be regarded as the first of their political institutions; for if it does not impart a taste for freedom, it facilitates the use of it. Indeed, it is in this same point of view that the inhabitants of the United States themselves look upon religious belief. I do not know whether all Americans have a sincere faith in their religion- or who can search the human heart?- but I am certain that they hold it to be indispensable to the maintenance of their political institutions.”

            –ALL by political philosopher and observer, Alexis de Tocquevville

            In short, the Church’s abdication of its necessary role in self-governance is the primary reason that we now find ourselves where we are now. It’s time for a Third Great Revival — AND FAST!

          • @Joe: It seems to me when the integration of religion with the philosophy of Our Founding Fathers is invoked, the Evangelicals believe they are supposed to pursue Pro-Life to an even greater degree instead of being the sly little foxes who go around Pro-Life to take their power and control back through State’s Rights. It also appears that the lesser sins are never even considered at the ballot box. Honesty must be a prime consideration when selecting a candidate. We get so many crooks in office who have only self-interest in mind because honesty is no longer considered a worthwhile virtue. It seems to me, we need to harp on election of honest candidates. For whatever reason, we are not getting the message across. Libertarians are even called Liberals, even though they are the opposite.

            • @AW,

              I can see that. However, I think you have hit around the edges of the real problem (not to imply you do not understand what the real problem is). To boil it all down, Christians have forgotten how our faith is connected to the founding of this nation. Everything in the Declaration of Independence can be traced back to the Bible, and a great deal of the Constitution was taken directly from the Bible. It isn’t that we are supposed to be “Bible-thumping politicians,” it is that we are supposed to actually LIVE OUR FAITH! If we were to do that — as our founders did — then the majority of our modern social ills would evaporate.

              Sadly, we have been so dumed-down and indoctrinated that we no longer understand the necessary relationship between living our faith and maintaining man’s liberty on earth. 😦

  2. In case you didn’t hear, B. Netanyahu has confirmed what I have been saying here and on my own blog – a 3rd party equals chaos! He should know with 10 parties!

    And this is again why LIBERALtarians are DANGEROUS! They DO NOT understand their own US history as they espouse, they DO NOT know the extremely unique elements which created the Republican party and they also DO NOT understand the consequence PRECISELY BECAUSE they do not understand how uniquely blessed we are that we ever survived the creation of this Republic!

    LIBERALtarians tend to treat politics with an adolescent mind, an 8th grade view if you will and that combined with any real political power and this country WILL NOT survive!

    This is why Conservatism MUST win the day and sustain that win for generations until both extremes (Progressives and LIBERALtarians) are removed from power. They can have a seat at the table so we can always hear what radical sounds like!

  3. In my opinion, calling Libertarians “Liberaltarians” is taking too much license. If you are concerned about legalization of drugs, living in Northern New Mexico or on the Arizona-Mexican border for a while will take care of your problem. Our Founding Fathers were not foolish for allowing citizens the freedom to pursue their vices – although back then it wasn’t with Federal Government support. The comment below is one I have blogged recently.

    From marketing and customer service studies, at any given moment 10% of the population can be a problem, and 1-2% are incorrigible. That is going to hold true in other areas also. Recent studies report that only 2% of the population is homosexual. This percentage is also going to hold true with drug usage. Marijuana needs to be legalized. Some of these naysayers need to live in places like Northern New Mexico, an illegal drug corridor. Live with all of the crime and heroin addicted drug mules for awhile to get an eye opener. The crime is so bad in Northern New Mexico that they changed the statistical reporting method to camouflage the high crime rate while Governor Richardson was in office. Any crime committed at a residence is listed as only one crime – the highest crime committed. If a robbery, rape, and murder are committed at the same location and time, only one crime is registered – murder. (Insurance agents have a very hard time finding thefts for insurance claims.) One of my friends, who lives in a very nice neighborhood, says he doesn’t remember how many times vehicle windows have been broken out on his block. My vehicle window was broken out; his son’s was broken out 3 times; a neighbor diagonally across the street had his vehicle totally trashed. The Police do not even come for anything other than assaults and murders. And, people wonder why the Albuquerque, NM Police were in trouble with the Justice Department for shooting people. I want all drugs legalized because of the associated crime and the fear one lives under in a city plagued by drug crime and violence. Living in Albuquerque 17 years was an ongoing frightening experience, and I do not want to ever live there again.

    Our Founding Fathers were very brilliant learned people. They did not make a mistake in our original Constitution when they left drug usage up to individual choice. Patriots need to strongly support State’s Rights, in order to get control of the purse strings and the Rule of Law in their individual states. We can defund Planned Parenthood and all other consequences of vice with State’s Rights. If you live in a state that is heavily afflicted by crime from illegal drugs, your state can vote to legalize. If your state does not have a problem and doesn’t want to legalize drugs, that is okay also. There is no reason whatsoever to keep punishing the decent people in states where illegal drugs produce a huge problem for those uninvolved in drug usage or trafficking. Those who do not want drugs legalized live in some Utopian environment that the rest of us do not, so vote on your state level against legalizing drugs, but have the decency to leave other states to their own devices.

    • AW,

      The founders DID legislate against many of the same vice we prohibit today. Prostitution, pornography, gambling, etc. They also had laws against doing business on Sunday and blaspheme. My issue with legalizing the Libertarians’ standard barer (pot) is this:

      We are no longer the people our founders were — capable of greater self-control and voluntary restraint.

      Our founders — in large part — understood the individual’s duty to his community and were willing to hold him accountable for it. Were we THAT people, I would be more likely to agree with you — but we’re not. And the Libertarian’s refusal to acknowledge this and the link between Liberty and Morality is where I find we must part ways.

      That’s all I’m saying.

      • Much of the moral decline is due to Socialism and large populations in cities – the move away from an agrarian society. When we look at the Red State/Blue State map, we see that rural areas and small towns are still Conservative. When morality declines, it is even more necessary to move back to greater freedom. Otherwise, those who are moral become the victims instead of those who are immoral or vice-ridden. The only way for moral people to regain control is by broadcasting the message to vote for a candidate who supports State’s Rights. And, yes, when moral people understand that there is no other solution, then they gravitate to that. I know of no other solution, and a move back to Libertarianism is the tried and true solution.

        Republicans and Conservatives in general tend to spend all of their time hollering and blaming. No broad based solutions and offered, and miniscule partial solutions get nothing but lip service. Look at this: George Bush #43 had complete control for 2 years. What was done for the Conservative agenda during that time? Zip! In my opinion, Libertarians are the only ones who actually do get heard. That is why Boehner and Rove went ballistic. Establishment Republicans want Jeb Bush for 2016. All over the internet on Conservative websites the rhetoric changed after the election, because even with the Hispanic vote Establishment Republicans are afraid of losing in 2016. All over the internet Establishment Republicans are beating on Libertarians and some on Evangelical Christians because they cannot get us to endorse their corrupt candidates the way they have in the past. It is great to hold that kind of power. We need to keep swinging more voters over instead of, as is happening on this web site and others, shooting past Libertarianism as if that isn’t good enough. It is the best we have. To be quite frank, it doesn’t really matter how a presidential candidate stands on every single moral issue, if he strongly advocates State’s Rights because the candidate can be used by Evangelical Christians to regain power. I’m a problem solver – completely solutions oriented. I will never again vote for one of the corrupt Establishment Republican candidates with a platform of non-solutions.

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