the 180 Degree Rule on Display

I have often used the term “180 Degree Rule.” I wrote a post explaining what this means. You can find it here:

The 180 Degree Rule

Since I posted that essay, I have been attacked by several Leftists on the grounds that I have no ‘proof’ of this rule. Well, I would like to draw your attention to what is just the latest in a long running series of evidence that the 180 degree rule is accurate:

Charlie Rangel hits Obama on diversity

If you pay attention to American politics, then you no doubt are aware of the constant attacks by the Left against the Right for being racist. The Left is never satisfied with the racial makeup of any Republican Administration. Although it is never specifically asserted, the inference is always clear: Democrats are more racially sensitive, therefore, they have greater diversity in their ranks. Well, this story just puts the lie to this false narrative. There you go: clear evidence of the 180 degree rule in action.

I mean, seriously, can anyone show you a picture of the Democrat Party’s leadership that looks anything like this?


In truth, the Left has historically been the realm of the true racist, especially in America. All you have to do to find it is look for it:


And the explanation for why things are this way is simple.  The Right sees people as Dr. King saw them: as individuals.  While the Left sees people only according to their group identity and, unfortunately, skin color happens to be a group identifier.  Sadly, identifying someone strictly according to the color of their skin also happens to be pert of the definition of racist.  So, again, the 180 degree rule has been shown to be an accurate descriptor of Left-wing behavior.

18 thoughts on “the 180 Degree Rule on Display

  1. I remember being asked in the Bay Area by a Democrat at a meeting once “Do you like Black people?

    My response ” I don’t know, I haven’t met them all yet.”

  2. ‘You done it now’… you’re really gonna make those “open minded”, “tolerant” Libs made now. There’s nothing that angers them more than the truth riddled with facts.

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