Taxes: Our Founding Fathers Would Be Shooting By Now

I was reading Utah’s post, The Spark That Finally Ignites The Secession Conflagration, and it occurred to me that, were they alive today, our founding fathers would have been shooting by now.  Thanks to our indoctrination compounds we calls schools, too few Americans are aware that the average tax-paying American (that top 50% or so who actually pay as opposed to the bottom half that receives) pay something close to 25% of their income in taxes.  Nor do they realize that our founders started shooting over something closer to a 12.5%  tax rate, or that ALL Americans paid and were expected to pay taxes at the time of our founding — no matter how ‘poor’ they were.  So I found a little something you might find interesting.  I hope the little excerpt I posted will entice you to follow the link and read more, because indoctrination U certainly isn’t going to teach this to you:

The Colonial Roots of American Taxation, 1607-1700
It is said that taxes are the price we pay for a civilized society. In modern times, this has meant more and higher taxes, rarely fewer and lower taxes. The tax bite in the United States is one-third of the gross domestic product (gdp). In the Western European democracies, the tax take reaches up to 50 percent.

It was not always so. At the turn of the twentieth century, the tax bite in the United States was a low 10 percent of gdp. And even that level was high by the standards of the American colonies. The first few generations of immigrants who settled the American colonies paid only those taxes that were necessary to provide security against internal and external enemies, a system of courts and justice, prisons, roads, schools, public buildings, poor relief, and churches in some colonies. This consumed no more than a few percentage points of their income. Moreover, the early settlers sought to minimize, avoid, and evade those modest taxes to the maximum possible extent. Only in wartime were they amenable to higher taxes, after which taxes were rolled back to the previous low level. The early colonists did not flee Europe to pay high taxes in the New World.

Apparently, our founders understood “fair” and “duty” infinitely better than we do today.  In fact, they would consider our current tax policy to be nothing less than tyranny, which is also why they would be shooting right now.

18 thoughts on “Taxes: Our Founding Fathers Would Be Shooting By Now

  1. With the Republicans caveing on raising taxes on selected Americans only days old ….. The Democrats are already saying they want MORE tax raises and they are saying that those earning LOWER than 200K are going to have to pay more.

    Most of the money and the Money Velocity lies within the Middle Class…..THAT is what their goal really is. The Entire net worth ( not just income) but net worth of the upper 2 %, wouldn’t support the Gov’t but mere weeks. And then it would be Gone!

    What the Democrats (Progressives) actually want is the assets and resources of the Working and Middle class it’s where the most Money in aggragate is and prevents any upward mobility thus keeping them financially ensalved and ultimately solidifies the Federal Gov’ts control of the Population.

    This is EXACTLY what happens when you divide people…..when you vote for…”Tax THEM, not me” …. “give me their property for free”….”make Them pay for my phone, birth control, whatever”……..Any policies like this ultimately end up eating everyone , because noone is safe from a Gov’t that is unrestrained and has become nothing but a Collection agency…….Including now the Collecting of our Guns and gun choice !!

  2. Reblogged this on aurorawatcherak and commented:
    I don’t wholly agree with the sentiment that our founders would be shooting right now. History records that they spent several years trying to negotiate with the British crown before the shooting started and that the British were the ones who actually started the shooting — first at the Boston Massacre (firing back against snowballs) and then at Lexington Concord, where the British were marching to confiscate the guns. However, I do think our founders would be in the midst of a letters of correspondence campaign and would be amassing weapons by now. The Democratic behavior toward the Republican attempt to hold the line on taxes would have been the equivalent to Parliament’s disrespect of Ben Franklin.

    Having said that, I believe that peaceful secession movements should be advancing now. At the end of the next four years, unless there is some dramatic change in Washington DC, states opposed to high taxation, heavy regulation and lockups of federal lands should be prepared for what secession might mean.

    • Are you sure about that? Haven’t we been petitioning the govt. for redress for years now? And hasn’t the govt. been returning our petitions by adding insult to injury? Hasn’t the govt. fired first? they may be small, but Waco, Ruby Ridge and other smaller and lesser known incidents are examples of the govt. firing on its citizens. But more clearly than this would be the recent executive orders that Obama signed giving him power to seize us without warrant, hold us without hearing and, if he deems it necessary, assassinate American citizens without due process. So I ask again, are you sure the founders wouldn’t be shooting by now? 🙂

  3. I reblogged at aurorawatcherak. I’m holding out for a peaceful secession movement myself. The first shot fired, if any, should be from the federal government. There should be no Fort Sumter’s this time around. It just gives them an excuse for resisting secession. It becomes about the theft of federal property and the violence of the “rebels” rather than the unconstitutional behavior of the federal government and the theft of our income and opportunities.

    • Today…..the equivalent of the those advocating for Secession 1861-62 are spread all OVER the US…..even rural Parts of New York have large red areas. And the Florida WH petition was one of the highest ….. so the those discusted with the Grasp of the Federal Gov’t aren’t located to only one geographical area.

      • I have noticed. It’s what I call the “red” region/”blue” region divide. Delineating it by state is really not accurate. If you look at a map of the United States at the county level, you see that the blue areas really aren’t that large — mostly just the cities — and most of the remaining areas are deep scarlet. This makes sense. Cities have a great many people all on top of one another and no natural resources to provide for all of them while rural areas have few people spread out in comfortable cooperative isolation and we grow the food and mine the energy. The serfs are always the ones who get restless. The elites enjoy the status quo. But the serfs are getting restless and that’s all over the country, anywhere that has natural resources and tax dollars flowing toward the cities and a recognition that the demographics of the cities have turned us into the mutton at the wolves’ dining table.

        The Framers saw this coming and enshrined states rights into the Constitution to prevent it, but they didn’t foresee the 16th amendment’s erosion of individual liberty nor the 17th amendments nullification of states rights. We did it to ourselves.

        In that statement, there is hope, because the US Constitution is subject to amendment and amendments can be offered to nullify the 16th and 17th, set term limits on Congresspeople, force a balanced budget, etc. Secession has a nasty history of turning violent and I’d rather not see Americans shooting at one another. It would be so much better if economic conditions wake people up to the need for political (non-violent) reform.

        • @Aurora

          I wish human nature were inclined in the direction you hope we’ll lean, but alas, I fear it is inclined in the opposite direction. The coming economic collapse will drive people to the govt., not away from it.

  4. I’m sure the first shot will be the government’s. They’re not big on figuring out those dang Unintended ConsequencesTM.

    Or maybe that’s exactly what they want; a reason to take down any dissenters.

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