The RNL Goes ‘Borg:’ or, We’ll Soon ‘Assimilate’ Another Blog Page

As some of you may be aware, I have been playing with another blog site dedicated to the exploration of the principles of liberty.  I call it “The Road to Concord” (TRTC).   So far, I haven’t done much with it, but I had planned to start putting up regular posts starting this month.  I also planned to start a new company this month.  Then Utah offered me the opportunity to take over The Rio Norte Line (TRNL).  That was an offer I couldn’t refuse, but it was an offer that meant I would have to abandon my plans for TRTC.  I am one man and I simply don’t have time to run a small business, maintain two blog sites and be part of my family’s life.  Still, I am unwilling to abandon the topic I was going to discuss on TRTC: the principles of liberty.

Fortunately, the audience on TRNL is already of like mind, so I suspect any post I would have put up on TRTC will be as well received here as it might have been there.  So, what I intend to do is cross-post those essays that I had planned for TRTC.

As soon as I can make time, I will add a page to the header of TRNL titled “The Principles of Liberty” (TPOL).  Then I will post the first few entries I had on TRTC here on TRNL.  I will also list them on TPOL, in the order they are actually posted on TRNL so new readers will be able to catch up with what I suspect will be a year-long discussion.  I will also post the new essays that I had originally planned on TRTC, just to keep that blog alive.  But, this way, the effort I would have spent on TRTC will now become part of TRNL.

I will put the first of these new posts up on TRNL later this evening.  I hope you will enjoy the discussion we’re about to start.

9 thoughts on “The RNL Goes ‘Borg:’ or, We’ll Soon ‘Assimilate’ Another Blog Page

    • “I will enjoy it…..if you give the condensed version.”

      Joe, Kells may have a point here.

      I actually did a bit of research on this and seems the general (and I mean general) consensus is that the average blog reader spends about 2 minutes, 44 seconds on a blog posting, so their attention is scarce. Given the necessity to get your message out (it’s an important message), you are going to have to work on grabbing these people fast (those readers are precious after all), and getting them comfortable with your vision, and then get them to come back for more.

      Might I suggest brevity as much as possible with your post offerings, and utilize reference pages for more in depth reading? You literally can create “helper pages” as part of the blog site’s resources.

      Just a thought.

        • Not at all my friend. Truthfully, we all have our long winded posts (lord knows I have had them), but after reading some pointers on blogs, I thought I might just share an idea.

          Think of it like Object Oriented Programming (the model used to write most of the programs on Windows platforms). The coders will build a library of functions and subroutines, and call them objects. That handles all the detailed back end stuff that the user never sees. Then designing the user interface becomes a small task, and easy to use.

          That’s what I am suggested we do here with this opportunity … only allow the users to see the “library” beneath the posting. Seems like a ton of work up front, but if you think about it … you are building a reference once, instead of having to repeat it as you have been forced to do so often already.

          In the end, it would make your life a bit easier with all you have on your plate.

          • Augger,

            Sounds a bit like what I had in mind — sort of. Still, I’m aware of the issue, just of two minds over it. If you ask me, it sounds like we have to perpetuate one of the primary problems we’re trying to combat: short attention spans which then lead to the duming down of society.

            but, hey, if that’s what it takes: Plants do love Brondo. 🙂

        • You know the size of M’s feet??!!! B., c’mon, we’re all here to help you.

          Except FL. I didn’t want to tell you this, but when you blatantly denied him the “wolf whistle” the other night, he made it very clear that this was war.

    • Texas,

      I’ll keep it up, but there will be no “condensed” versions. What I had always planned to post on TRTC will now get posted here on TRNL AND on TRTC. This way, if people chose not to bother with the rest of the discussions here on TRNL, they can focus just on TRTC, but I do not have to do double-duty when it comes to writing. That’s the only reason I decided to do this.

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