UPDATE: There is STILL a Tyrant in the White House (and He has ‘Friends’ in Congress)

Did you see this story?

White House tells Paul Ryan it won’t meet budget deadline

“Late Friday evening, Deputy Director Zients confirmed that for the fourth time in five years, the president’s budget will not be submitted in compliance with the law,” the aide said.

This is a clear violation of law that, once again, will go un-punished. Whether we want to accept it or not, this is also an indicator that the rule of law no longer applies to our govt: our rulers simply do what they want. And for those partisans who would like to argue that this is not the fault of Republicans; DON”T! Republicans are complicit in this lawlessness. If they did not agree with and support it, then they would have filed articles of impeachment.

And don’t try that “they couldn’t get a conviction” routine. I’m tired of people using that to defend the supporters of tyranny. if we have the rule of law, then you follow the law and that means you file to impeach when the President breaks the law– and every time he breaks the law. If you don’t get a conviction, then the people know which Senators need to be recalled. It’s that simple. BUT YOU FOLLOW THE LAW, or you acquiesce to tyranny (which means you agree with and support it — period!).

And yes, it is this black and white: there is no “gray” in this issue. Gray is the surest sign that you are on the road toward tyranny with the rest of our masters.

4 thoughts on “UPDATE: There is STILL a Tyrant in the White House (and He has ‘Friends’ in Congress)

  1. One name comes to mind when I read this & many other articles regarding our “Glorious Leader”……. Philip Dru

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