A Drive-By Posting About Progressives and Language

I have written a great deal about how Progressives use our language to control our thoughts and behavior.  This is the core of my argument in my most recent post, COMMON UNDERSTANDINGS.  Well, I’ve received a great deal of push-back from people who disagree with me.  They like to claim I have no ‘proof’ that our language is being intentionally manipulated.  Well, I was thinking about what Ecclesiastes tells us about the present generation forgetting the past generations.  Let me ask you something pertinent to the defense of our language:

What do you know about George Orwell?  And more importantly, what do you know about his book, 1984?

If you’ve never read the book, or you haven’t read it lately, I cannot urge you strongly enough to read it again!  And when you do, pay close attention to the emphasis placed on the use of language to control what people think about, how they think about it and even how they behave.  then test yourself: look at the news from the perspective of Winston, the main character in the book, and see if you can find similar techniques being used against you today.

Finally, consider this: Orwell was an insider; a founder of what we now call the Progressive/Fabian Socialist movement.  Once you know that, 1984 sort of takes on a whole new light, doesn’t it?  😉

3 thoughts on “A Drive-By Posting About Progressives and Language

    • Kells,

      I did as you directed and while I couldn’t tell its expression, it did tell me you will be getting involuntarily hairy soon, and that you’ll develop an uncontrollable urge to howl. But don’t worry, I defended you: I told the moon that’s just your natural state and that it has nothing to do with him 😉

      • Der Mond ist ein Mädchen, und sie lächelt. 😉

        Gah! I couldn’t remember the word girl or she. Proof that I have a penis……..then again, perhaps I aught to reconsider my position. It’s very obvious that you boys are soundly put in your place by Sally, Trapped, and AW…….Uh-huh. Weren’t scared of me before, but now I’ve got reinforcements! Yes, my sweet, silly B., I do believe i shall be howling tonight……….

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