I Got Taken To School On The 2nd Amendment Tonight!

OK, I suppose I should start by letting you know this is not a paid endorsement – but it should be.

If you are not already a subscriber to Glenn Beck’s The Blaze TV, you should give some serious consideration to joining.  And, if you do, write this date down so you can go back and watch the archives: January 15, 2013.

The show was on the 2nd Amendment and the founders’ view of firearms.  I have to tell you, I got schooled – schooled, I tell you.  Did you know:

At one time, the law mandated that all male citizens carry a gun and, if they could not afford one, the government provided it?

That our schools once taught students how to shoot and handle firearms?

That our laws – the actual legal books our founders used to administer justice – our laws once mandated that you had a duty to shoot and kill anyone who tried to break into your home or steal your property?

That there was an attempted school shooting in early America, but it was thwarted – by the elementary school STUDENTS!  That’s right; when the would-be killer entered the room and pointed his weapon at the teacher, the kids drew their weapons and pointed back.

And there was more, but the best part – the part that no doubt drives Progressives up the wall – much of this was read directly from surviving documents.  That is, they were reading from books and documents that our founders actually wrote, with their own hands.

But there’s more.  Did you know:

That, when it was first founded, 1 in 4 people the KKK lynched were white?

Or that the NRA was founded to help free blacks defend themselves?

Honestly, I didn’t know any of this, and I am willing to bet you didn’t either.  These are the sort of shows you will get for your subscription.  Seriously, consider signing up for The Blaze TV.  Hey, if nothing else, you get to drive the Left nuttier than they already are – and the RINO’s, too 😉

7 thoughts on “I Got Taken To School On The 2nd Amendment Tonight!

  1. Is it true the first gun control laws were to disarm blacks?

    In Texas, the first gun control laws were written by the “re-constructionists” to disarm the Texas population by the Yankee occupiers.

    Completely true. When a young prosecutor, I read nearly all the 1800’s Texas Supreme Court cases “allowing texans to carry handguns ….

  2. When I first saw Beck I thought he was “out there”, but much of what he said came to pass. his history shows are revelations.

    I learned on his program that the first slave ship that sailed into Boston harbor was seized by the magistrate, the captain and crew were jailed, the would be slaves were given food, clothing and passage home, all paid for by the colonists. The country always disagreed about slavery and fought over it from the beginning,

  3. Texas, yup, on our way April 1. Had enough of the Peoples Republic of WA. No fooling.
    NRA, yup, life membership. Got the first one when I took a gun safety course at age 8 taught at the local college shooting range.

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