Minority Report

The current debate over “gun control”, “gun safety” or whatever euphemism that the “progressives” have focus group tested to their advantage – overshadows a greater debate, one that the institutional left would prefer that the current debate serve as a proxy for. This is an issue that has been brought about by the Newtown school shootings, a tragedy that when reduced to its lowest common denominator was the act of an individual, Adam Lanza, to deprive other human beings of their most basic natural right – the right to live, to exist. There was no motive to take the property of theirs; no motive to capture a particular piece of territory, Lanza was only there for one reason – to kill. Whatever his motivation was, this was the end result.

Even though abortion proponents disagree what constitutes “life”, even the most radical abortion supporter will agree that life is a basic human right. Even the most craven American “progressive” has not devolved to the point that they believe that the state has the absolute right to your life. While they do want the government to control everything that you have and do (if you disagree with them), they have not reached the point of fascism and Nazism where they believe that the state has the power to decide that society is better off with you dead (we do decide that certain criminals should be punished by death but that decision is at the discretion of a jury a jury of their peers).

At least not yet, they haven’t.

Accepting that premise, it must also follow that a corollary to that most basic natural right to life is an individual’s right, actually more of an obligation, to protect that life by preventing actions against your person that deprives you or those you choose to protect, of that life.

The common idea in a “progressive” society is that we have the police to do that for us – but on a dark night while on a path through a city park, on an unlit street corner or in a rural area where a person is several minutes away from police intervention, what is there to protect you from imminent danger? What rights do single mothers with children living in a crime infested neighborhood have to protect themselves when seconds count and the police are 10 minutes away?

As far as the police, “progressives” expect that they protect us against crime and then deign to take away from them tools to do so. Through successful use of the courts, there have been significant chains placed on the police and how they can interact with a suspected criminal, and some rightly so – but when an organism is presented with a stimuli, it reacts to that stimuli and American police forces have. What we have seen is a significant move away from policing individual crime to preparation for corporate control of populations, with even the smallest of police forces buying SWAT gear, tanks and APCs and through the use of cameras and drones for the surveillance of innocent people.

The organization of police forces and their activities seem to be becoming much more fascistic – to the point that they are arresting private citizens for simply filming their actions in public space. While the American institutional left was once champions of civil liberties, they seem to only do so now when they are out of power. Their silent support for the Patriot Act is a case in point; something that was Satan’s spawn under Bush is now greeted with silence as Obama reauthorizes it and even expands on it.  We are also entering the dangerous realm predicted the Tom Cruise movie, Minority Report, where there is an effort to institute a pre-crime system to predict criminal behavior and arrest people on that basis.

Pre-crime didn’t work out too well for Cruise in the movie and police protection isn’t really working for the people in the UK, for example. While there is a massive effort in the UK to restrict what an individual may do to protect their own persons and to replace that activity with camera surveillance and strict police authority, the actual crime rates in Wales and England are 60% HIGHER than in the US. The UK has far more home invasions than the US. Today’s Daily Mail notes that a report released yesterday that Britain has a higher crime rate than any other rich nation except Australia – and Australia has an outright ban on semiautomatic rifles and semiautomatic and pump-action shotguns and has imposed a very restrictive licensing system on other firearms.

Mark Steyn reports on a farmer in a rural area, Norfolk, who shot and killed a home invader and then was prosecuted for murder, convicted and sentenced to life in prison – for defending his home and family. Strict gun laws did not prevent the school shootings in Dunblane in 1996 nor did even stricter laws prevent a mass shooting in Cumbria in 2010.

Police authority, surveillance, gun bans, and rigid laws – they are not working. These are things that are designed to augment your rights, not to replace them and yet individuals have been stripped of the right to defend themselves effectively in these countries using these as an excuse and crime has soared as a result.

The right to protect one’s own life and the ability to resist the tyranny of an organized state or its agents are the basis for the conservative/libertarian/classic liberal support of the Second Amendment and the opposition to “gun control”. The Second Amendment isn’t about whether a magazine that holds 10, 20, 30 or more rounds is “needed” or whether we should or should not use an “assault” weapon to hunt deer. It isn’t about whether an individual has less of a right to own a gun than they do a car, knife or a step ladder – all of which kill more people every year than “assault” weapons.

What it is about is the capability and the ability of an individual citizen to protect their most basic natural right, their life, from threats to their person without reservation. That means the right to resist a threat no matter if it results from being one-on-one with a thug on the street, with your family during a home invasion or tyranny at the hands of a government.

6 thoughts on “Minority Report

  1. From the World Health Organization:

    The latest Murder Statistics for the world:

    Murders per 100,000 citizens

    Honduras 91.6

    El Salvador 69.2

    Cote d’lvoire 56.9

    Jamaica 52.2

    Venezuela 45.1

    Belize 41.4

    US Virgin Islands 39.2

    Guatemala 38.5

    Saint Kits and Nevis 38.2

    Zambia 38.0

    Uganda 36.3

    Malawi 36.0

    Lesotho 35.2

    Trinidad and Tobago 35.2

    Colombia 33.4

    South Africa 31.8

    Congo 30.8

    Central African Republic 29.3

    Bahamas 27.4

    Puerto Rico 26.2

    Saint Lucia 25.2

    Dominican Republic 25.0

    Tanzania 24.5

    Sudan 24.2

    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 22.9

    Ethiopia 22.5

    Guinea 22.5

    Dominica 22.1

    Burundi 21.7

    Democratic Republic of the Congo 21.7

    Panama 21.6

    Brazil 21.0

    Equatorial Guinea 20.7

    Guinea-Bissau 20.2

    Kenya 20.1

    Kyrgyzstan 20.1

    Cameroon 19.7

    Montserrat 19.7

    Greenland 19.2

    Angola 19.0

    Guyana 18.6

    Burkina Faso 18.0

    Eritrea 17.8

    Namibia 17.2

    Rwanda 17.1

    Mexico 16.9

    Chad 15.8

    Ghana 15.7

    Ecuador 15.2

    North Korea 15.2

    Benin 15.1

    Sierra Leone 14.9

    Mauritania 14.7

    Botswana 14.5

    Zimbabwe 14.3

    Gabon 13.8

    Nicaragua 13.6

    French Guiana 13.3

    Papua New Guinea 13.0

    Swaziland 12.9

    Bermuda 12.3

    Comoros 12.2

    Nigeria 12.2

    Cape Verde 11.6

    Grenada 11.5

    Paraguay 11.5

    Barbados 11.3

    Togo 10.9

    Gambia 10.8

    Peru 10.8

    Myanmar 10.2

    Russia 10.2

    Liberia 10.1

    Costa Rica 10.0

    Nauru 9.8

    Bolivia 8.9

    Mozambique 8.8

    Kazakhstan 8.8

    Senegal 8.7

    Turks and Caicos Islands 8.7

    Mongolia 8.7

    British Virgin Islands 8.6

    Cayman Islands 8.4

    Seychelles 8.3

    Madagascar 8.1

    Indonesia 8.1

    Mali 8.0

    Pakistan 7.8

    Moldova 7.5

    Kiribati 7.3

    Guadeloupe 7.0

    Haiti 6.9

    Timor-Leste 6.9

    Anguilla 6.8

    Antigua and Barbuda 6.8

    Lithuania 6.6

    Uruguay 5.9

    Philippines 5.4

    Ukraine 5.2

    Estonia 5.2

    Cuba 5.0

    Belarus 4.9

    Thailand 4.8

    Suriname 4.6

    Laos 4.6

    Georgia 4.3

    Martinique 4.2


    The United States 4.2

    ALL the countries above America have 100% gun bans

  2. Mayor Jean Quan of Oakland, CA is ginning up the gun violence issue To help her buddy Obama. Own house there and gun violence not up, but media coverage is and outraged speeches by Mayor up too. I can assure you a gun ban in Oakland won’t take even one gun away from gangbangers, but will mean lots more innocent Oaklanders will die.

    It’s disgusting, but also amusing to watch Oakland Mayor try to manipulate us. Too bad no one busted a cap on her when she was mugged at Safeway last year.

      • Utah, this is crap, I own a home in Oakland & never even heard of this woman that got killed until this week! Unless she was the naked, dead women my neighbor found by his car spring of 2012, but I can assure you no one even blinked. It happens all the time here. There are 12 yr old prostitutes who bring their johns to the side street right next to our Victorian, this not a town that freaks over a few dead bodies! Someday, I’ll tell you about the summer night after we’d just moved in when I went out in the middle of the night because I heard a child crying, to find a child prostitute and the 3 johns waiting on my side lawn for her services. The johns didn’t give me any trouble, but her pimp was hell on wheels.

        Van Jones, MoveOn, Code Pinko are my neighbors and so is Mayor Jean Quan whose daughter and husband marched WITH Occupy when they trashed Oakland and closed the Port.

        This is all so predictable, have been waiting for old “Berkeley Jean” to ginn up some gun violence issue and here she is on cue. It really is an insult to our intelligence, but certainly not new or unexpected.

        Actually, burglary is up in Oakland, not gun violence, look to Chicago for that. Also, at last check Oakland only had about 650 cops, lots left after Mayor ran off the last police chief.

        Trust me, I have lived in and around Oakland since 1984 and this is all a push and a ploy to help Obama. I better shut up or Jean will make me sorry, I’ve said too much already.

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