Obama, Alinsky, Machiavelli and the Re-Distribution of American Wealth

I am writing this in the assumption that the reader is politically awake.  I am assuming you are aware of the many clips of President Obama that are now making their way around the alternative media.  In these clips, Obama is attacking then President Bush for doing exactly what Obama is now doing with the national debt.  Many see this as a sign of hypocrisy, and I used to be among that number – but no more.  I understand that Obama is a student of Alinsky, and that he understands the Rules for Radicals.  But I also understand what Ecclesiastes tells us about the current generation forgetting the generations that have come before.  In this case, Obama is nothing new, and neither is Alinsky.  They can both be traced back to a man named Machiavelli, and even he wasn’t anything new, he was just the first to turn his agenda into a science.  So, you may be asking yourself what I am rambling about.  Well, if so, it will all become clear in short order, just read a little further.

Have you ever heard the term Machiavellian?  Do you know what it means?  Machiavelli argued that the primary goal of the ruler is to seize and grow power – period!  According to Machiavelli, there is no right or wrong, no lines that cannot be crossed in seizing and holding on to power.  To Machiavelli, all that matters is grabbing and hanging on to control over others.  Obama is a Machiavellian, but then, so is Bill Clinton.  In fact, all Progressives are Machiavellian at heart.  And this is all you need to know to understand how Progressives work, but this doesn’t explain why.  For that, you need to understand the individual Progressive in question.

So what drives Obama?  Well, you can dissect his two books, or read D’Souza’s The Roots of Obama’s rage or Dr. Paul Kengor’s The Communist.  You can also research the audio and video archives of Obama – especially those from his days before he arrived on the national scene.  If you do so, you will find that he is a Marxist, Anti-Colonialist who sees America’s success and wealth as stolen.  So, for Obama, the purpose for grabbing and holding on to power is to correct what he thinks are the wrongs of America.  This explains why he has apologized to the world and why he favors so many nations he sees as America’s victims over our traditional allies.  But there’s more.  Obama wants to redistribute America’s wealth back to other nations; back to the people he believes are the rightful owners of that wealth.

One of the ways he wants to do this is by expanding “rights” to include healthcare, education and a host of other entitlements.  This is how he seeks to redistribute the wealth of “rich” Americans to “poor” Americans.  And because he sees minorities as being the bulk of the “poor” in America, to him, this rights the wrongs of slavery and racism in America.  But then there is our national debt.  What is the national debt?  Isn’t it a transfer of American wealth to other nations?  If we do not pay off the debt but we keep making our interest payments, essentially, all we are doing is transferring our wealth to those nations in the form of interest payments.  Therefore, not only does Obama not want to pay off our debt, he wants to make it as big as possible because it provides him the means of forcibly transferring America’s wealth to those nations he thinks deserve it more than we do.  And that is the why of what motivates the Progressive, Obama.

Many people do not like him, but this 10 minute audio clip will help you understand this issue a little better:


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